Selling fakes

  1. I belong to another forum (not handbag nor fashion related) and one the members sad she was looking for a designer purse. So, these one women posted pics of her dooneys and LVs. The LV was fake (it was MC and the fluers(sp?) were the same color as the lv it was next to). The op asked if the bag was real and she bascially dropped off of the post. I called her out on it, and she ignored me. I told admin and they said nothing. I think she should be kicked off. She's trying to rip off other members, what do y'all think? :confused1:
  2. it's illegal to sell fake bags! i definately think something should be done.
  3. It's illegal to sell fake bags. Point. End of story. The end.

    There probably won't be anything done about it since lots of people think there are bigger problems in the world that need to be tackled than preventing the sale of fake stuff...But..yeah :-\
  4. i agree but if it's as simple as banning someone from a site or asking someone to stop soliciting, which is what is done here, they should just bite the bullet and do it. ugh.
  5. She just posted that it is real (yeah right) and she got it in Vegas. The thing that sucks is she has morr posts than me so people will believe her. :sad:
  6. I hate to say it, but there isn't much that you can do. You could try contacting a mod of the forum and inform them she is attempting to peddle illegal fake bags, but that's about it. If some people believe her and wind up buying her crappy fakes, it's not your problem. :sad:
  7. Another forum I'm a member of openly purchase fakes and I find it really offensive. I was called judgemental because I pointed out that fakes weren't exactly a good thing. Despite the fact that the fake market is linked to slavery, terrorism, money laundering, drug trafficking and god knows what else, the members of the forum think it's perfectly acceptable to drop £100 on a fake. The posts on the thread were like, oh well, everything is made in sweat shops these days, hey what are the fake Chloes cause I want to order one. I was gobsmacked. If a company is prepared to break the law to sell these things, what else are they prepared to do? I can't believe people would happily give their credit card details to these people. Even when I pointed that out, I was scolded again by people saying they'd had their cards cloned in restaurants. Why make it so easy? I'm quite disgusted by the attitude actually, and if that makes me judgemental so what? I'd rather have principles than happily hand over my money to crooks.
  8. Believe me....I have been on a campaign to close down a "prefectly legal purse boutique" near my home that sells blatant fakes. These are not inspired, but fake, fake, fake. How about a nice Chloe for $100, or maybe a Juicy for $75. It's been months, and I have contacted every known entity who should be involved, including corporate offices of every bag that I saw. I don't get it. No one responded....not the news, not the corporate offices, not the one. So, I still despise fakes and everything that they stand for, but I have become very cynical about it because I don't see much progress here. I just don't buy them. Anyone who asks my opinion gets an earful, and that's about all I can do......unless some miracle happens. the soapbox.....
  9. ^^


    1.involving the use or exercise of judgment.

    2.tending to make moral judgments: to avoid a judgmental approach in dealing with divorced couples.

    As far as I am concerned, an opinion can only be (correctly) considered judgmental in the negative sense, when it is judging an act that is either completely harmless, or at the very least, only harmful to the person, or people, choosing to take part in it.

    For example, it would be judgmental in the negative sense, to judge someone's religious beliefs, or sexual preferences; as long as they are not harmful to others.

    It is not, generally, considered judgmental in the negative sense to express your concerns, when the act in question is illegal and/or harmful to other people.

    If it was, saying theft, slavery or murder is wrong would also be considered judgmental in the negative sense, too. :yes:

  10. At the end of the day, if the companies involved and even the police don't care, what can you do? :shrugs:
  11. I know what judgemental means, and I don't believe anything I said could have been construed as being judgemental. I only passed on information that I had found about the fake industry. They chose to interpret it in a negative way. But it did make a couple of people think, and if I've stopped even one person and make them think twice about supporting the fake industry then great.
  12. I have done the same and was met with the same apathy. I can't believe all this tat actually gets through customs. Do customs ever actually do anything? Do they actually know what fakes look like? Are they trained to spot fakes? Only there are several companies operating in the UK who must be receiving shipments of around 100 bags a week, all fake. How does this crap get through customs?
  13. Fakes are certainly not shipped in market containers, that's for sure. They are very well hidden.
  14. I'm sorry if my opinion differs from you all. I by no means wish to offend anyone, but things like fakes will continue to happen and no one will do anything about it. Just like drugs, and war. It's too much of a problem to actually stop it. That's just me. Please do not take it the wrong way. I DO NOT support fakers, but that's how I see it.
  15. There IS something you can do.

    You can exercise your free market right NOT to buy a fake handbag. If other people don't care what they are buying, that is their right, their choice in the matter.

    Truthfully, a large majority of women do not want to do what is necessary to educate themselves on designer bags. Of course, here at the Forum you see otherwise, but we are a fringe market, the lovers and collectors.

    Leave it be at some point. Life is too short to fret. Make your own personal choice, stick with it and continue to enjoy your bags and life around you.