Selling FAKE for CHARITY?!?!?

  1. That is so repulsive :sick: And it's so disgusting that not only is she trying to sell a fake for that amount, but also tries to do so by playing on our conscience. Let's all report it ASAP. :mad::mad:
  2. I emailed the seller asking her if she knew it was counterfeit. Waiting for a response ...
  3. Wow! I'm speechless!
  4. oh my gosh...that's really terrible.
  5. selling something for charity is a good thing, but fooling buyers that you're selling authentic LV when its not is repulsive. i'm not one who can tell a good fake from the real thing but this one looks too fake.
  6. If he/she is selling that bag knowing that it's a fake, then I'm sure he/she would be able to lie about other stuff as well... like claiming it's for charity. This is so disgusting:mad:
  7. Wow, that is really low. I hope she didn't know it was fake. But now that she does she needs to remove her listing immediately.
  8. it's a hideous fake!!! worst of all, the seller is fooling everyone by saying that it's for charity! i just think it's soooo low!
  9. WOAH! I'm not an LV expert and even I can tell thats fake!
  10. If she knows it's a fake, then one can not judge sellers by their feedback anymore. Hers is 100% positive!!!
  11. Let's all report it - I just did.
  12. Reported :yes:
  13. What a scam!
  14. EWWW!!!:throwup: I just reported it, but it already has 10 bids.