Selling expensive bag - advice?

  1. My mum recently purchased a laptop bag at a car boot sale for £5 and we found out it's worth around £600 on it's official website. There's no doubt it's not real, I'm positive.

    What I would like to know is, are there any tips we should know about as it's such an expensive item?

    Would Immediate Payment Required be recommened?

    I've never sold anything as pricey as this so I wanted to make sure if theres anyhing I shold be aware of...

    TIA :heart:
  2. DEFINITELY do immediate payment required! that prevents spammers from winning your auctions. Also do paypal account required if you're doing an auction style listing, not just a buy it now
  3. well done you
    for finding such a goodie
  4. Do you mean there is no doubt that it IS real?
  5. You might also want to add that you will only ship to confirmed paypal addresses if you are accepting paypal, that way if they say they never got it paypal will cover you! This happened to me.

  6. Yeah it's real, sorry.
  7. Wow, good luck. Nothing to add to the great advice here - also have a look at the sticky at the top of this section on staying safe on eBay. Can I be really inquisitive and ask what sort of laptop bag retails at £600?!
  8. ^thats was i was wondering !
  9. It's by Bill Amberg, very expensive breifcases and whatnot ;)
  10. wow, thats quite a bootsale find !
  11. you could ask for a money order or cheque, and ship only after it's cleared. However, depending on your eBay feedback as a seller, buyers may or may not want to do so, as it gives them no protection.
  12. What is a boot sale? Is it like a yard sale? Just curious. I had never heard that term before.

  13. its a very british term ! people load up all the stuff they don't want anymore into their car boots(trunks to you guys? ), kids toys, old videos/dvd's,books, anything really, generally a lot of old crap in some cases, and take it off to an organised site like a field or carpark where people will come and buy it all, some carboot sales are huge and you can pick up some bargains, they generally happen on a weekend