Selling, exchanging designer bags

Baby Boo

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Dec 20, 2005
Hi guys, im new to purse blog, but i was wondering besides ebay is there somewhere else where i can sell my designer bags, i have soo many now that a few of them are just too out of fashion for me ( like the pink dior with flowers) so i want to get rid of them. Also anyone know where i can get the Fuschia LV glossy bag- im not very good with the names. the color has now been discontinued.
Oh, the vernis line bag? I've seen a few on ebay, a bedford in that color sold for over retail and I believe it was used. Beautiful color though.

I think Megs and Vlad are working on something here that would allow people to advertise their stuff, but I'm not sure about that. I'm sure more info will follow soon :biggrin:
There are some LJ communities where you can sell your bag.

But I would strongly advise selling on eBay - it's the only place I feel comfortable buying people's bags on. And since more people are exposed to your bag, you'll make more money - so the fees are worth it.
Thanks, i think im going to try Ebay im just worried that its all fakes and that i end up buying osmething not very good. also how in the world do i price the bags, im always worried that things that are really cheap are fake but then things that are expesnive people might as well buy them in store.

There are other LV boards that you can go to to sell or even trade -- however you must be careful that members their dont take advantage of you .. whereby just because you are on that board cetain members feel that they can get a cheap deal from you .. I would say stick with ebay if you want to sell, or buy ..

Also if you are unsure you can always put the auction up on here and members can help you , by advising you what is real or fake HTH.

Also the fuchsia vernis is beautiful , and you are expected to pay over retail for a piece even if it had been used. Did you know that LV are bring out a new pink colour in about FEB/MARCH its like a sort of cross between fuschia and marshmellow. You may decide to go for the new colour, so you may want to wait to see it. Anyways good luck and keep us up to datre with your new purchase :smile:
So far, I've had good experiences with all most of buys on ebay. If you're selling your bag, it helps if you still have your receipt of purchase for the bag. If you buying, make sure there's a return policy available and ASK, ASK questions. I've always brought the item to the LV store to make sure that's it is authentic. I've only come up with two sellers who thought they were selling the real LV. They refund my monies, but they didn't want the item back.
I currently have a Medium Blue Balenciaga City listed on ebay of anyone is interested. It is used but in great condition.