selling dustbags?


Feb 20, 2009
*bay does allow the sale of dust bag covers....but they have prohibited the sale of designer dust bag covers. Somehow they came to the conclusion that the only market for them is scammers who buy designer dust bags to use as an aide in selling their icky fake bags. (Not the most sound logic I've ever heard for prohibiting an item.)
1) I think their are lots of legitimate buyers for authentic designer dust bags and
2) There are tons of fake purses on eBay & I don't think their prevention of designer dust bag sales as helped correct the problem one bit.

As far as I know Bonanzle has not taken the same position.
Good for them!! Overall & in this case, their logic isn't as warped as *bay.
I believe there are lots of handbag owners who want dust bag covers for them. I've seen some sellers with beautiful hand made dust covers. Also there was a TPF post recently about plain white coffee bags that would work well for purses.
And, sometimes folks even want the designer cover that matches their purse because for whatever reason they didn't get one when they purchased their legitimate designer bag. Luckily they can still find them on Bonanzle.

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cupcake butt
Aug 17, 2008
The booth had designer dustbags, which I had figured was implied. Sorry. I guess the idea of selling dustbags just bothers me, even though there are some bags I'd like to have them for. Neimans gave me some Neimans ones, and there are booths that sell wonderful handmade dustbags.

I had thought the Bonanzle policy was the same on dustbags. My bad. Their call, but I don't think it's the best idea for them as they establish themselves.


Apr 26, 2007
I buy my bags preowned these days, and sometimes I don't get a dustbag, annoying as that is.
I need a place I can find dustbags.

You know, I agree with this, I have some pre-owned bags that need dustbags, and I've bought a few in the past just for my own purposes. But I can see how scammers can also take advantage of this. Double-edged sword really...


Mar 17, 2009
I used to buy dust bags from eBay when I bought bags from Coach outlets. It is stupid of eBay no longer allowing people to sell deisgner dust bags. Anyway, if I need a dustbag for a bag, I'll just use a pillow case.

most coach boutiques will give you a dustbag if you tell them you purchased a bag from the outlet (bring in your receipt just in case you get an sa that isn't so helpful).


springtime lavender
Aug 15, 2006
I'm bummed I can't buy dustbags on ebay any more. I'm obsessed enough about my bags that I want the matching dustbags. I've had a couple occasions where Neiman Marcus online or Bluefly would leave out the dustbag. Ebay used to be my go to fix for that. I hope Bonanzle keeps allowing them.


Jul 4, 2008
Ugh, I sooo wish they weren't taken down or reported. I look all the time for dustbags bc I get my bags used and yes I am anal enough that I want a dustbag to go with it. It's close to impossible to find them.

There are some of us who do want them that aren't into counterfiets believe it or not.