Selling designer bags on ebay? What to watch out for?

  1. I just finished reading this long thread over in LV forum about a seller's nightmare! An ebayer claimed that her bag is fake and such....

    What should I do to protect myself? I just had a buyer with 4 postiive feedback made an offer on my bag.

    I'm just worried that she will say it's fake and want to send it back, and she'll send me like a fake one.. this is too scary!!

    Any tips!?

  2. in lv's thread there's some tips for this, some girls use like a band tied on the bag so if they want to trade, they have to cut it and you'll know it's not yours.
  3. Where can we get these "bands" to tie on the bags? I did a search on the LV forum but was unable to find anything...
  4. You can buy plastic bands at a hardware store. You pull one end through a hold and it cannot be removed without being cut. I did this when I sold a bag and it made me more comfortable with this issue- I also attached a large tag to it so that the purchaser did not use it for a few days ( & add some wear and tear) and then return it. I had heard of this happening also- the intent that the buyer won't carry it with a "tag" on it. Good luck!
  5. You can also buy them in baby/kids stores. The ones there are like ID tags that you can write on and they can't be removed without cutting them (sort of like hospital bracelets)
  6. Thank you for the info, bjc and Cal! :smile:
  7. Zip ties would work as well, no?
  8. Great Idea!