Selling Chloes on ebay?

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  1. Well I decided after several months of debating that my Paddy and Silverado just aren't me as I hardly every carry them and for the $ I paid I should! So I'm considering selling both - I need the $ for LVs that I'm wanting. Would ebay be the best place to go or will no one buy as they are authentic and not fake? Seems like all the fakes bring the price of authentic ones down :sad2: and I don't want to lose too much money as they are basically brand new.

    What do you guys think? Has anyone sold authentic ones on ebay before without receipts? Unfortunately I don't have them anymore.

    Thank you!
  2. Well sometimes you can find someone on the PF who would like them. If you have good pictures, though, you can do alright on eBay...
  3. I'm selling one right now, no one wants it :lol: But I think if you relist it enough times and have it at a desirable enough price it will sell eventually.
  4. If you have immaculate feedback it should be no problem. Take good pics and if you still have the tags, include them in photo... just be sure to watermark everything. A smart buyer (the only kind you want) knows a real bag when they see it.
  5. I have a first generation tan paddy which is really rare so maybe that would mean something on ebay? I guess you would have to know Chloe to even care what the means though lol. I don't have immaculate feedback but am not expecting to get even full price/retail for them. I guess it's a roll of the dice!
  6. Sanguar I am way under 100 posts to list on the for sale board. Is there another place I can let others know what I want to get rid of? I would consider trading for LVs too instead of outright selling.

  7. Its hard to sell Chloe on ebay. I just took a big hit on my blue bowler - but at least I sold it.
  8. i'm actually considering buying yours, i just think i might want the mousse color more :-/
  9. Yeah if they had accidently sent me the mousse instead I'd want to keep it too :P I just want the to see what it looks like irl, the leather looks so weird on LVR but we all know that their pics are...not the best.
  10. How much of a hit Cougess, if you don't mind sharing?

    I would like to sell my Chloe Silverado Dr bag, well, I would actually like to trade it for a Black City. :P
  11. Oops, I hadn't even noticed the 100 posts thing...
    How much would you like for them on eBay? Maybe someone else who has sold on eBay can tell you if it's a reasonable number?
  12. Hmm not sure - maybe $700 for the Silverado and $1100 for the Paddington? Not trying to make a killing just sell to get some of my $ back.
  13. Post pics of the bags you want to sell-I am looking for a chloe....
  14. Yup, pics please!!
  15. With those prices I'm sure they'll sell :idea: Funny, I sold some of my LVs to get the Chloe bag and wallet I wanted :lol: