selling Chanel

  1. I've always wondered this and im sure lots of others have so sorry if it has been posted.

    My question is how do people sell on eBay? not how do they "do it" but where do they get the merchendise from? outlets and then sell on or is there some kind of underground market? I dont know if i am making sense but for example, dgjeans on eBay.. i mean, where does the inventory come from?

    i'm not about to start selling it but i would love to know how people do it and get it from!
  2. Some sellers enjoy special relationships they've developed with certain people who have access to bags at discounts. There isn't a whole lot of profit to be made (not especially after eBay and Paypal fees) but $50 here or $100 there isn't bad either.:yes:
  3. I work at Nordstrom and we have several ladies who stock up on items they think they can sell. Since our store is known for their beyond flexible return policy, the ladies return everything they are unable to sell. It is a nightmare for those of us who make a living ACTUALLY selling the merchandise, because we take the hit on the items they return.

    Ebay is an evil evil
  4. AWE!That sucks for you Chanelboy..Im NOT a fan of EBAY myself..too scary!!!!
  5. Never say never...but I have no plans to purchase anything on ebay. I know too many people who have horror stories. Plus, who wants to deal with the idiots at Paypal?
  6. i personally love ebay but i don't agree with people returning things they can't sell. i think that's awful- esp if you do it on a regular basis. it really does hurt the people who work at the stores and it takes the merchandise away from people who really want it.
  7. I don't like ebay on buying expensive stuff like a chanel bag. I'm willing to spend a little bit more to get something trustable and comfortable~
  8. So many ladies come into our boutique and ask if their ebay bag is real or not....most of the time it isn't...

    One lady in particular paid $2900 for the vinyl cabas and it wasn't even real....I felt so bad for her.
  9. Was it very obvious (the fact that it was a fake) or did you have to look carefully?

    I feel so bad for these people too!
  10. ^UGH....Thats why I only buy from the stores....
  11. It was pretty obvious. It looked like a big garbage bag.
  12. Even if I am on a wait list, for what seems like least if you purchase from the store there is no question. Ebay is such a gamble. Plus, I had a problem with paypal. I think that someone there sold my information. At least, that's what my attorney thinks.
  13. people in ebay are so unfair.. they said that my handbags were fake just because i live in hk.. tsk tsk.. is it because i live in china? that's why they thought that I only use fake bags? no way. i'm through with ebay..
  14. i never return to stores you should be sure you will be able to sell it. i do my research just like a stylist. i know whats hot and whats not.