Selling Chanel for Hermes


Sep 12, 2006
los angeles, CA
I understand this is the Chanel forum so might get biased answers but wanted to see what other chanel enthusiasts would do in my position. Recently got bit by the Hermes bug and am contemplating selling several bags in my current collection to free up space as well as funds for Hermes. One bag that I am having a difficult time deciding on whether to sell is my Chanel lambskin medium flap in silver hardware. I purchased this bag in Capri (at the pop-up boutique) two years ago during my honeymoon so there is sentimental value attached to in, however I NEVER wear it. I have worn it once since purchasing...

Reasons why I don’t wear it
-Silver hardware. I gravitate towards gold. They didn’t have gold hardware available at the time
-Never really liked the strap drop on me
-Prefer the look of caviar with classic flaps

Reasons why I’m hesitating on selling
-Sentimental reasons as above
-Chanel price increases and the possibility one day my tastes will change and I will wear/want this bag again

What would you do? Sell or keep?!


Jul 29, 2019
I understand your decision to sell some of your current bags to fund an Hermes bag however, I would keep this current bag. Even if you don't wear it frequently, there is a sentimental value associated with it. Not to mention, it is a classic bag and it's a nice item to have in a purse collection. :heart: It may be easier to sell a non-classic bag and/or bag without significant emotions associated with it. Good luck!


Sep 12, 2006
los angeles, CA
If you have to ask you’re not ready to sell. I’ve made multiple selling mistakes over the years.
I have thought this too! Since it has been so hard for me to make a decision it is likely that I am reluctant to sell. But I'm not sure if the reasons behind being reluctant to sell are smart... i.e. wanting to keep it given that it is a classic, Chanel prices have been rising exorbitantly, and the POTENTIAL that I may like it in the future. In all honesty the bag does not really spark joy for me but I agree is a nice bag to keep as part of a collection.


Mar 13, 2007
Keep, no doubt about it.
The sentimental value does it for me.

If it did not have that sentimental value I would have said sell it.
Aug 17, 2008
I would sell if you can get what you paid for it or at least close (I would think so being a classic in new condition, maybe you can even get more than you paid). You don't care for the hardware color, the strap drop, or the type of leather and you don't wear this bag. I'm not that sentimental when it comes to material things though. If you do come back around to loving Chanel in the future, get the bag you really want. I think it's just a good lesson to not settle and always wait for what you really want.


May 30, 2015

Sentimental value. Can’t beat Capri.

Classic bag.

You may reach for it later.

SHW is good to have in a collection....sometime tastes change. I’m usually a GHW gal, too, but I have been reaching for SHW for its “crispness” as of late.


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Sep 24, 2010
I’d keep b/c of both of the reasons why you‘re hesitating. I haven’t worn my CF in prob 5 years; it‘s just not my style right now, but I it’s a classic and will prob fit me more down the road


Jan 29, 2018
I would sell it, and get the bag you want! Make new memories.

Lambskin will not age as well as caviar. I find the older the lambskin is, it will not resell as well as caviar leather (with exception of vintage Chanel). Since the bag is <2 years old and not used, I would sell it as brand new condition and buy a new caviar ghw or a Hermes classic piece.

The month and timing of when you sell is important. I wouldn’t sell during and after Christmas as people are generally broke, and if there is a possibility of an impending lockdown.


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Mar 31, 2007
I have and love several Hermès bags, as well as Chanel, and get emotionally attached to my bags. But I know we should not, so I have been letting go of many items, including bags that I never use. Hold onto the memories, hold onto photographs, hold onto people. As much of a classic as that bag is, you don’t have to keep it to hold onto the memory of your honeymoon. Let go of other bags first, but come back to reevaluate how this bag fits into your life. The space could be filled by something much more useful. The funds that come from its sale can still evoke memories when you look at your new Hermès bag.