selling brand new makeup and makeup products

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  1. well like the title says!

    what i want to do though is 100% not accept returns on any makeup since, i can't resell it if the person has tried it out and decided they don't like it.

    what is ebays stance on makeup returns (if the buyer tries to open a dispute)?
  2. when you do your listing, there's an option to accept/ decline returns & its terms.

    if you dont accept returns, just say so in the listing. that way, the buyer cant dispute anything. :smile:.
  3. thanks.

    i am just afraid of buyers pulling a "item not as described" if i deny the return and perhaps smashing the box or makeup up.
  4. I think with anything on ebay.. buyer can always file a SNAD and get their money back.....

  5. You certainly can say in your listing that you do not accept returns

    on makeup for hygienic reasons but then again, there is always

    the possibility a snad might be filed...
  6. okay everyone. i kind of figured there could be a loophole. i'll just take my chances.
  7. I haven't sold any makeups but thinking from what kind of claims those items get usually, adding a photo showing that the items have never been used and describing the color accurately might help?
    Good luck!
  8. I know a lot of people here use security tags for their handbags for protection in case of a return, I don't know if you can put some security sticker or shrink wrap or something else long those lines so if the seal is broken they can not return the item.
  9. ^^Yeah you could put a zip tie around the makeup for a security tag.
  10. A lot of buyers are very turned off by a no returns policy, especially with the sea of fakes on eBay. Would you be open to considering returns with restrictions? IE makeup must be unused in the box/case and returned to you exactly as they received it?
  11. I have the same sort of items, perfumes makeup and skincare on ebay and so far so good. I have a no returns policy and take a lot of pictures... and on lipsticks I add a clause that the buyer must know that, that is the colour they require by the name on the plum etc...,as the colour make look different on their computer screen. I had one buyer say only once that the item was not as described, but I told her to reread my discription and look at the pics and then to go ahead and file an item not as described and I would refund her minus postage. She never did it and did not leave feedback. She bid on the lipstick 1min before the end of the of the auction.
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    They still can if the item is SNAD, or in SNAD condition. :yes:

    For example, you couldn't describe a red nail varnish as black and then, by just saying; 'No returns!' expect to not have a dispute filed against you. :nogood:

    Best thing to do, IMO, is to just make sure you're extremely fastidious in your inspection and accurate in your listing and pics and then, include a return policy (for unopened, unused items, obviously).

    If you do that, the chances of anyone taking you up on it, especially for a lowish priced item, are pretty small.