Selling bags

  1. I see lots of talk of buying new bags, and I'm all for that :yes: , but do y'all ever sell your old bags to fund new purchases? I have several that I don't use much... I'm not sure the hassle is worth it, but if I were to sell, where's the best place? Thanks!
  2. I can' recommend places to sell other than eBay. Not sure what the policy is here but regarding the selling of old bags to fund new purchases I think the majority of people can relate. Sometimes it is not even old one but bags that do not work out for you. It has happened to me that I am loving a bag so much and then it turns out that it does not work for me. I had a Blois and before I had it I was so in love with the shape and after I got it it the bag flipped over all the time on me.
  3. I often sell accessories/bags that I get tired of in order to buy new bags. The best place that I can recommend is eBay, I haven't had any problems at all selling bags. The only problem I ever had on there was with a non-paying bidder for video games. -_- But yeah, it's pretty easy and fast and the fees aren't so bad.
  4. I'd love to say I sell bags I'm tired of but honestly..I just can't bring myself to because I actually collect them as well. So each purchase is another addition to my collection. :smile:

    And yeah eBay is problems for me, but like eff said, I also had an NPB for a top. She promised me a check then nothing...
  5. eBay would probably be your best best. LVs hold up their value quote well so you get most of your $ back.
  6. ebay is a good option. just be very careful with your negotiations. good luck!
  7. Hihi, since this is a general handbag question - it's going into Handbags' main forum ! :smile:
  8. I have a policy that whenever I get a new bag I must sell an old one. I keep my handbags in mint condition so I usually have no problem with selling them. I prefer to sell my bags on Craigslist since they do not charge any fees and I don't have to worry about shipping anything. Everytime I put a new bag on their it is usually purchased by the next day and I have never had a problem with someone not paying, since they don't get the bag until they hand you the money. I just make sure that I meet people in a very public place, like the food court in the mall or a restaurant.
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