Selling and Buying on Instagram

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  1. Hello TPF,

    I have been purchasing waaayyyy too many luxury goods recently (I tend to binge and then take long breaks). One thing I never do is get around to selling bags I know I don't want and can't use. Given my recent bad behavior, I really want to make myself sell or trade some pieces I know people want and I don't need (e.g. Pochette Metis, Chanel GST (never used or touched), chanel cerf tote (never used or touched), and a host of other items.

    I notice a ton of people like selling and trading on Instagram. How do they protect themselves? I am intrigued by the idea because I don't want to lose too much value on my bags and be able to pass a good deal to the buyer, but I am wondering how it has worked for people.

    Please let me know your experiences.

  2. Hi there! I actually just bought my VERY FIRST "pre-loved" LV and it was from Instagram. I was watching youtube review videos by "LVloverCC" (that's also her Instagram name), so I started following her on Instagram. She periodically sells her bags online by posting on Insta that she's selling them. She had a post for a Chanel purse that another youtuber was trying to sell (her Insta name is: "stuckonstyle2") so I figured she'd be selling authentic purses if she was being recommended by LVloverCC who has quite a few Insta and youtube channel followers. For me, I felt comfortable purchasing from stuckonstyle2 (her name is Robin, super nice lady) because she had some youtube videos doing purse reveals and what not and was "recommended" of sorts by LVloverCC. It was sort of a stressful thing for me because I've never purchased a luxury good from another person, only ever from the store. But Robin (stuckonstyle2) gave me her cell phone number and sent me lots of pictures so I was confident it was real. I also paid via PayPal and used a credit card, so I figured I could always dispute the charge worst case.

    Anyways I'd say just do your research! and make sure to get lots of pictures too if you're thinking of buying/trading :smile:

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks so much for the reply. This makes sense for me. There is risk involved, but I'm assuming she gave you a better deal than what you'd find on fashionphile or the like. I guess being a YouTuber would cause people to trust you a bit more. And I guess I could pay to have authenticated after since can't be authenticated on TPF.
  4. Yes, the bag had only been used less than a handful of times, so in that regard it was a great deal! I live in Oregon though, so I don't have sales tax- which meant I wasn't saving as much though haha.

    But yes, I was very weary of purchasing on Instagram but again since they were on youtube it made me feel more comfortable! And from what I've seen of these two ladies is they treat their bags VERY WELL so that's great too :smile:
  5. I had never heard of purchasing on Instagram before! You all are a library of information!
  6. I've also been thinking of using Instagram to buy and sell my LV and Chanel as well. I've heard so many horror stories of EBay that I don't want to sell or buy there. With Craigslist, I can meet the seller locally and see with my own eyes the bag. However, the drawback is that you are only reaching a limited # of people. I would like to hear from other PF members about their experiences with selling or buying through Instagram.
  7. I also bought my first (and only, so far) pre loved item on Instagram and happily had a great experience.
    I'm sure like eBay there will always be someone looking to take advantage though.
    Good luck selling your items
  8. Didn't know about bags on instagram so thanks for sharing the info!
  9. There is a lot of Instagram users who sell high-end items. Two that I know of that are quite popular (haven't ordered from them myself) are jodidayscloset & foreverredsoles
  10. I haven't bought any items from an IG seller but I sometimes see the ladies I follow selling their Hermes or Chanel or LV items, from those sellers i'd buy, you build up a relationship with them as you do close members on here.
  11. I love IG and I find it's alot more fun to browse than Ebay etc, and it's so easy to look for items. I think alot of the safe buying tips apply to IG that apply to Ebay etc-make sure they have the item on hand, pay with PP or a CC that will protect you, maybe ask for references.....I think setting up a website is timely and expensive. There are also so many other apps now that have been developed, allowing people to sell things quickly and easily on their phones.
  12. I'm amazed at the ease with which people will part with their money to strangers using pseudonyms online, who could easily become entirely untraceable if they decided to bolt with your funds. It's as if the "long con" or "Ponzi scheme" doesn't mean anything.

    I don't even buy from websites that don't have recognized third-party verifications of being real businesses.

    It's not like people aren't defrauded constantly, for serious money, by ephemeral sellers online. And there are enough legit sites to buy from.
  13. I see your point, yet the buying mantra on this forum is "Know Your Seller".

    Many members on this forum follow each other on IG and the above statement becomes the cue to buy with ease from them on there.

    Of course for people/non forum members buying from 'Unknown' sellers on IG, I agree, it's not so clever, unless the purchase price is low enough to take the gamble - which could be the case.
  14. The other problem I see with buying on Instagram is you will not know a persons complete selling background. I know of at least one person who although now posts real items, she has sold a lot of fake bags on Gumtree in the past. eBay etc is scary enough but on IG pictures can hide a lot more
  15. #15 May 25, 2016
    Last edited: May 25, 2016

    Absolutely. You can't "know your seller" on IG if that's their only online footprint. Your approach to IG is the only one I agree with, except there's no amount I'd risk on any unverifiable seller.