Selling an item they dont even have?

  1. I posted this on the Coach forum. Thought I would share here too.

    OK. This is weird.

    So Im looking at white Coach bags on eBay and see this:

    eBay: NWT COACH LEATHER SOFT DUFFLE WHITE #10559 (item 180095817204 end time Mar-19-07 16:20:31 PDT)

    So I message her and ask if she has any LARGER NON stock photos so I can see the bag better.

    Her response:

  2. So, I did a little research on how that could be...

    Ahem. There are several replica sites that Google turned up for me, that ship from the factory to the seller, so that they can ship it to you....

    So, she probably doesn't have the bag yet, she's going to buy it when you pay her....

    There's another one....absolutely disgusting, too, that sends out a "authentic" Louis Vuitton receipt with every purchase...

  3. Wow.

    I feel bad for people who dont know about TPF
  4. Another way, and legit, would be if she is buying from a corporate gift account. Let's say her company offers Coach corporate gifts at a discount.
    You pay her, she pays Coach through her companies corporate account, and then Coach sends the bag directly to you. I received a Coach bag this way, and it came directly from Coach.

    The only minus to this usually corporate discounts are usually only 15-20% off SRP. If her auction doesn't escalate to that amount, well.....:confused1:
  5. ^ ehat happen then?
    im clueless..hehe
  6. She has a whole bunch of them, that im sure she doesnt really have. LOL
  7. Regardless of where the bag WILL come from, she's not allowed to do that. eBay policy states that items for sale must be in the seller's possesion at the time of the listing. The only way to get around it is by saying that you're a direct affiliate of the warehouse/company sending out the merchandise.
  8. DO NOT TRUST THIS SELLER! She has changed her ID but we dealt with her on the KKO forum and eventually got her suspended. I remember her from the way she doctors 'COACHES' photos, which is also illegal.
  9. Yeo definitely avoid I would never ever trust a seller who was going to have something drop shipped directly to me no way design houses dont do that!!!
  10. Scam Scam Scam
  11. Don't buy from her!! It's maybe scam or she affiliated with faker. All ppl know, faker method to sell their items:
    - list with photo from media or adver
    - after get BIN or winner, they'll wait for payment
    - received payment and they contact manufacture to ship to you or buy one from the manufacture, so horibble!

    It's so weird, just skip her items.

    Beside it, eBay not allowed to list "non-have" ( right?? ) item, report her.
  12. As the others have said, I am afraid this is a bad bet - avoid. Thanks for sharing though - I am sure you have also saved some other people from being sucked in.
  13. Well I sent an email to Ebay with her message response to me, Etc. So hopefully she will get banned again.