Selling an Isabella Fiore - Any Preference As To Which?

  1. I'd like to make some bucks - to feed the hungry purse horse within - and thought it was a bit silly for me to have the same Fiore in basically the same genre. 1) I have the original one on the top - the Katie - with the tumbled leather and gold studs...hard to find, and a bit heavy. I think I MIGHT be over the gleaming stud look... 2) Then I have the newer revival version with the gold marbelling and matching studs. A little lighter weight but my daughter says it makes the leather look like it's rubbed off weird. 3) Then my oldie but goodie bronze gold one which is nice for summer - and is kinda cute...:rolleyes: So I'm wondering - do I need them all? Should I sell one? Should I sell them all? Any thoughts?:confused1:
  2. I would say send the one on the left to a new home. I just happen to like the other two a bit more.
  3. I think you should get rid of the gold summery one. I have the Marbled Flashback Audra. I LOVE that bag!
    So...have you decided what you are buying with the money yet? The Blue Besso?
  4. i don't like the right one... but the 2 that i like are both from brown shades.
    do u prefer to lose 1 brown shades?
  5. I like the brown shades too. I have the reddish-brown one with the brass studs and I love this bag! It sounds like you want to get rid of this one since you said you are over the gold studded look?
  6. I like the one in the brown shade too. Keep that. :heart:
  7. I think... keep the bottom two and sell the top one. I love the gold metallic, it's subtle and goes with everything. I purchased my first Audra a week ago (in pewter), and I can see why you own 3 different colors. She is perfect!
  8. If anyone has that Fiore yorkie tote from 2 or 3 yrs. & is tired of it, I would be interested. I could not get ahold of one.
  9. I don't like the metallic shade one out of the three. I love the lighter brown so I would keep that one at least!
  10. i like the brown one in the back the most. And i think you love the gold one. I would sell the one on the left
  11. I have the Yorkie Clutch, NWOT....

  12. I like the two brown ones and would sell the gold.
  13. I would keep the gold... such a beautiful gold and metallics are still in!! I'm not sure which brown I would give up, darker probably.

    This thread looks as if you may be looking to sell on the forum; but you all know there is no selling on the forum!! :yes:
  14. I'd suggest selling the one in the back. Unless you've got another metallic bag, the metallic one would be great for spring. But if you're looking to sell 2 of the 3, I'd say sell the one in the back AND the metallic. The one to the left is like the "compromise" of the three...
  15. Oh I just love Isabella Fiore. When the whipflash line orignally came out I got the Alexia in all colors. (Its the bigger version of your bag.)

    I would get rid of the one on the left.:yes: