Selling an Ada - but what color is it??

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  1. I'm thinking about selling a rare Ada on eBay but I don't remember what color it is. I love it but have shoulder problems and it's too heavy for me. I've pictured it with a Braeden in Terraine and Jillian in Bourbon. Anybody recognize it? I'm also thinking of selling the Braeden, equally rare I suspect. Which do you think might sell for the most?


  2. It might be Cognac....
  3. I just found an old email from the tpf member that I bought my beloved bag from who said it is Sand. Because mine is a little darker than the one now on eBay, I thought I was remembering wrong.
  4. I think Sand is a lot lighter - Cognac sounds about right.
    See this listing:
  5. Sadly, I figured it out. I used Wilson's TLC and it made it darker. I looked inside the outside pockets and saw the lighter color it was originally. Still beautiful though.
  6. Beautiful collection. Your Ada is definitely Sand, I remember that color and bag style very well. Used to have an Ada and Jillian in Bourbon and another Jillian in Sand.
  7. Agree....sandal
  8. I looked carefully at the pictures and it is authentic. Pictures 3 & 4 look like there MAY have been something spilled on the front of the bag. Wilson's TLC might help if it is a spill. The first picture also has a dark area in the lower left area that could be a stain. Otherwise the handles and leather look good. Be aware that Ada is definitely heavy. It's pretty and easy to use. Good luck!
  9. Teresa, do you still have that Ada? I have been looking for one.