Selling again and a recommendation from someone?

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  1. I just got a call from the LV boutique regarding my repairs on another bag (Pochette Marly). It turns out that the bag cannot be repaired as it was "altered"! I didn't know because it's a vintage and I bought this secondhand. I was so embarrassed, but now I'm just annoyed. :cursing: I wanted to replace its strap, but now I can't. This will be the 7th bag I'm getting rid now I'll only have 3 baggies - Petit Bucket, Papillon 30, and pochette accessories.

    Since 5 is my lucky number, does anyone recommend a new, small bag for me? I do want a damier pochette accessories, but I also want something that is relatively the same size as the marly bandouliere.

    I really wish a good condition, large Mono Noe was up on ebay... :sad:
  2. BTW, I'm thinking a musette salsa would be good...
  3. Oh sorry to hear that..

    I think recoleta or vita cite mm are cute bag and almost the same size..
  4. ^Thanks! Hmmm...I've seen the viva cite mm before, but now that you mention it...
  5. Sorry to hear about the marly...

    What about the Trotteur?
    Yeah, I know the Viva Cite is a little pyramid shaped, but you can wear it across your body and it fits a koala, monnaie plat, lip gloss, pen, and cell phone... ?
  6. ^I actually had the trotteur before, but I didn't like its shape. But now that I'm getting rid of this one, I kinda wish I had it back. :crybaby:

    Oh well, that's life. I'm still on a ban, and a small bag isn't my main priority (it's the noe! :nuts: ). I'm sad that I don't have 2 small bags, however. I like having a couple of each size (same goes with accessories; I have a cles and a wallet to hold money). :sweatdrop:
  7. Maybe you should get the Noe... I think it would rock really well on you..

  8. ^Thanks, I'd think so, too! :shame: ;) I'm waiting for a nice one on ebay or let-trade (although I haven't seen a large mono noe on let-trade's selling history...that worries me!).
  9. Hey Girl~ i am so sorry!:crybaby: (cries with you)! What can I do to help? :wtf:
  10. grr that is annoying sorry to hear it though

    ummm idk anything everything in terms of new purchases