Selling Advice on NPB

  1. Hi All - So I sold a bag last Thursday (7 days ago as of 8PM tonight) and the buyer never paid. She told me that her Paypal wasn't working and she kept getting an error message, and filed the issue with Paypal, but they offered no resolution. Even though I clearly stated that I only accept Paypal, I sent her an e-mail 2 days ago saying I would accept a cashier's check, and since then I have had no response. My question is what do I do as of 8PM tonight? She's very nice so I do not want to file an NPB claim, but how can I make a second chance offer or relist the item and withdraw her winning bid from the item? Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. HELP! She said that she could only pay me by international bank draft (she lives abroad even though her mailing address is US?) and I rejected. So how do I get my item relisted???
  3. First-Report an Unpaid Item, eBay will send her a reminder and if she will not pay within 3 days, I think<(you already waited for a week, right?), you may leave her negative and relist your item, eBay will not charge you listing fee for that.
    I am in the same situation right now. Today is the 6th day of non-paying and winner has two feedbacks only. Hate when this happens. I sell to everyone, even when people have no feedbacks yet because they need to start somewhere, and everythime I have problems with new buyers.
  4. In order to get your FVF back. you have to file a buyer and seller mutually agree...after that, go to your eBay and either relist it or offer to the next highest bidder.