Selling a non-existent item

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  1. This may be a silly question, but can you do anything (i.e. report) if you suspect someone is selling something on fleabay that they don't actually have?

    For instance, if they're only using stock photos and won't send pictures of the actual bag?

    The bag this person is selling is available in an online store for much less than the seller is asking and its LE. What I'm wondering is that if someone buys the fleabay bag (BIN), the seller will buy the other bag and then send it to the winner, then making a profit without actual risk. My DH knew someone in college who did this -- he'd take pictures of things at pawn shops, list them, and then go back and buy the item if it sold :wtf:

    Obviously it's fine to sell things at a mark-up, but can you sell them before you have them yourself?

  2. I recently reported someone to ebay who was using stolen photos (I even included the listing numbers that she stole them from) and on other listings she was using stock photos.
    She had about 10 listings up and the only one that ebay removed was one that I reported being stolen from ME. The others stayed up and went for a lot of money.
    Ebay did nothing --

    In a way I think - these people who bid should have been more careful - the seller had 0 feedback and stock photos.

    Anyhoo - moral of the story is -- I don't think ebay will do anything.
  3. That seems to be the moral of the story more and more frequently...:sad:
  4. Update: Seller sent me an e-mail ADMITTING that they don't actually have the bag yet. There has to be a way to report this...
  5. Listing an item that will be obtained after a buyer BINs or wins the auction is not listed among the items that are not allowed to be listed on fBay. I think this happens more often than we think, especially with large and/or expensive items. If you think about it, it's a bit like when people sell things for others. Someone sends you the photos of the item, you list the item, it sells, the owner mails the item directly to the buyer. You never had it. According to the info you posted, this seller has access to the item and will buy it if/when it sells on fBay, right? As long as he sends the item, he won't be a non-performing seller.

    It's a very interesting point you raise.
  6. Yes, you cannot report this. It's not against policy.

    If you look there are a few powersellers w/100% feedback who sell high end handbags for hundreds of dollars more than retail. (are are still available!!)

    And they sell them to uneducated consumers of course!