Selling a mon monogram neverfull?

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  1. I always wanted a practical bag from LV as most of my other purchases were a bit more dressy and weren't really suitable for casual use. I had researched the neverfull so much as it's obviously one of the most popular styles along with the speedy and I thought if everyone else loves it so much then I would too. The only issue with it was everyone had it which also was a bit off putting as I usually like more unique pieces and as there was so many fakes around I wanted mine to be a bit different- so impulsively I decided to go down the mon monogram route.

    I didn't use the bag much when I purchased it and as its in the GM size it's too big for daily use, I personally only like to travel with it. But the handles are so thin and painful once it has a few items in there I just don't like it at all.

    I know this is something I knew couldn't really be sold or easily sold but I'm hoping there may still be a way too. I have three initials on the bag and it's got a pink interior. Is there any way mon monogram can be sold or will consignment stores even accept it? Does anyone have experience selling a personalised item or have any tips about it, I would be very grateful! TIA
  2. I've seen Fashionphile sell mon monogram neverfulls, but I don't know how much they offer, and if it would be the same or less than a "regular" neverfull. You can always ask for a quote to see!
  3. You may get an offer slightly lower than for a regular NF GM, but you will still be able to sell it quite easily I bet. The NF is a very popular bag and I bet many women would be interested in your Mon Mono if it helps them save cash.
  4. I've seen mon mono items on Ann's Fabulous Finds and they did sell...You can also try Yoogis Closet or Couture USA, I'm not sure they take mon mono items but it's worth a try....the NF is such a popular bag I am sure someone will still by it...
  5. I've seen mon mono on Fashionphile, but most had 2 initials. With 3, the odds of finding someone that match are significantly less.
  6. Mon mono is such a special item. Why not keep it for a beach tote or strictly a travel bag and just don't overload it?
  7. Fashionphile does buy them, but much lower than a regular NF. How quickly it sells on ebay depends on the initials. Some sell quickly, others are listed over and over. A new trend is to have an artist paint over the initials, so some buyers buy them planning to cover, and they don't mind the initials.
  8. Thank you everyone for your advice I may try and sell it somewhere and test my luck

  9. I also forgot to add in very paranoid about it not having a zip, I didn't think this would bother me because of the zipped compartment but I really don't like how it's not too secure either.

    A beach bag wouldn't be a bad idea but I live in the UK and when I travel it's not always to a hot country so I'd rarely use it, once everyone year or two max.
  10. I've seen a mon mono listed on all those consignment shops as well.
    Get in contact with all of them & see what you can do. Good luck!

  11. You can always purchase a zippered bag organizer got extra security[emoji4]

  12. If I end up keeping the bag and selling doesn't work out a bag organiser would be a good idea thank you :smile:

  13. I contacted my local designer handbag exchange shop and asked if they accept mon monogram which they do, they did say it may alter the price but it shouldn't be too much less than a regular neverfull so I'm going to take it in next week and see
  14. Take a few pics and try out fp while you wait. It's free to get a quote and doesn't take anything more than a few minutes. I actually just used them for the first time and I'm amazed at how simple it was.

  15. Thank you, I'll do so :smile:
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