Selling a handbag on Ebay...what information is needed?

  1. I'm selling a handbag on eBay. It's used but I still have the dust bag, ticket (from etailer)
    and copy of online invoice. I will mark out my personal information. Is there any other way to show authenticity? :shrugs:
  2. Lots and lots of photos. Depending on the brand, different details are used to determine authenticity - maybe check on the Authenticate This! thread in the specific designer forum to see what they look for, and include photos of those details.
  3. Good idea! Checking "authenticate this" thread always give you great ideas for what really distinguishes a fake from the real thing. Also, make sure you list the bag's measurements w x h x d and handle drop length. It is extremely helpful to list these in the item description and not have to email the seller for this info. If there is any damage or defective areas on the bag; this must be noted. You do NOT want an angry buyer!
  4. Photos are the best way... I'm currently selling a bag on eBay and submitted 40 photos. You should do it through a listing generation website though because they let you do unlimited photos, unlike eBay that charges $.15 for each additional photo! The one I use is It's good and $8 per month.
  5. Photos, photos, and more photos.... in your descriptions be detailed about purse specifics including measurements and any and all flaws if present. The more honest you are the better you will have buyers in the future. Also, if it is a really high end bag, you cannot go wrong w/ paying that 5.00 for authentication from mypoupette or caroldiva.