Selling a gift card on!

  1. Ok- I need your opinions! (sorry if there's already a post about this- I really miss the search function!) I want to sell a gift card that I received for Christmas. I'm going to list it on eBay, but I'm nervous that the buyer might claim it was empty (had no money on it) when they got it. My only idea to prevent this is to go to the store and get them to print out a receipt with the gift card value, then head straight to the post office to mail it. Even then the person could say I wrote down the gift card number and used it after I mailed it.

    The only reason I'm worried is because my friend sold a gift card and the person claimed they tried to use it and it was valueless. She tried calling the store to see if they could tell her where specifically it was used (store # or something) to see if it matched the buyer's area, but they couldn't do it. Do you girls have any other suggestions for how to protect myself? TIA!
  2. Is it to a store where they swipe the gift cards? Most places need the actual card, not just a number, to use the gift card...the only places I can think of that wouldn't are online gift cards (i.e. iTunes, eluxury, etc. where they just email you a code). I think you should be fine as long as you have them print out a receipt.
    Also, places like Starbucks have a thing where you can register the card online and if your card is stolen, they can reverse the charges and put the money back onto the card or lock it (I forget which)...maybe that's an option for the card you're selling? That way, they could see that the card hadn't been used after you mailed it.
  3. ^ You can use most gift cards online- you just have to input the number into the gift card slot at checkout. I just used my Nordstrom and Saks gift cards towards my online purchases.

    I don't have any additional suggestions for you. I think getting the receipt that shows the gift card amount is the best way to go. Just make sure you sell to someone with good feedback.
  4. this sounds kinda risky, i wouldnt sell it on eBay. ;/
  5. ^^ I know it's risky, but I spent 2 hours in the store and couldn't find anything to buy that wouldn't cost me more money than I'm willing to spend (I hate when that happens!). I've asked around and none of my friends want it either. I don't want to waste it, and I sure could put the money towards a new purchase elsewhere. Maybe I can call the store and ask them to freeze it until the buyer acknowledges they received the card.
  6. I had a gift card that I sold please have them make two copies of that reciept showing how much the gift balance was. One copy for you and one copy for the ebayer.
    Then have them do a signature confirmation and enlose a little note saying please call the place to reconfirm the slip of paper with the balance. Sinc e you have your own copy it serves as your receipt. And also tell him to give you good feedback! :smile:
  7. Just cross your fingers on this one. You can even use some gift cards by phone. You could try talking to the store and seeing if they can trace where and when gifts cards are used. That way if the purson who buys it tries anything you could demonstrate they used it. Can you re-gift it?
  8. Ah, thanks for the info!
    I don't get gift cards very often and when I do, I just use them in the store. Good to know!
  9. This may be of interest to you - I work at USPS and we just got a training handout the other day stating to make customers aware that they max they can insure a gift card for is $15, no matter what the card value is. They advise the customer to check with the store to see what their replacement policy is on lost or stolen cards before sending via USPS insured. Just something to be aware of if your auction offers insurance.

  10. There's another site that I know of that only deals in buying and selling gift cards. It's called I haven't used them yet, but I think they're pretty legit. Maybe that would work better than eBay?
  11. I wouldn't sell a gc on ebay. Too many scammers.
    Even with insurance/deliv conf/receipt -- all they will say is "the card had 0 balance on it when they got it"
    Sure, you could get an honest person but, to me, it's not worth the risk. Even if you can prove it was used AFTER you sent it, the buyer could just say that you used it on the phone or internet.

    Is there anything you could buy with the GC that you can give for a gift?
  12. There's usually a number on the back that you can call to check the balance of a card- write that down, with the card number, and you can verify it yourself afterwards if they try to claim that it's empty. Get the postal service to package it for you (or maybe a notary public to sign a form indicating they saw you send it, if you know one) so you have proof that it was that same card that was sent. As long as you can prove they have the card, and you can prove there's money on the card, I doubt they'd have a leg to stand on.

    Or maybe you could even do something along the lines of the lock on the bags- put a sticker on the card that has to be removed to use it- if they remove it, they are agreeing that you sent the correct card with the correct amount on it.