Selling a Drew to get a Clare

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  1. Would love to hear your opinions on this.

    I have a small Chloe Drew bag. I really love the bag; it's such a practical size, the motty grey colour I have is a great neutral, it's amazing quality, and the hardware is great. But I always have this underlying want to sell it, despite how well it fits into my lifestyle, because I think it's too trendy to keep long term (and I don't earn enough to justify buying trendy luxury items).

    I recently found a pre-loved medium top handle Clare at a really great price. I've always loved the Clare bag, and I feel it's a more understated bag that will better last through the years compared to the Drew. Would it make sense to sell the Drew to fund a Clare?
  2. LOL I wish you were selling a cement pink one I'd snap it up! :smile: I just fell in love with the Drew and and am hoping someone will authenticate a few on ebay for me as I just don't know enough about Chloe to make a move yet... I cringe at the price but AM IN LOVE!
  3. I think it's fine to sell a bag to fund another bag, just make sure the Clare can fit your lifestyle like the Drew. I also think you can find the style of the Drew in a lower cost bag brand, but the Drew does have cool hardware.
  4. I've seen your youtubes before and know how much you love the Drew. I dont think the drew is that "trendy" I see the mileage going on for a couple more years. I had always wanted to get a paraty but never did but I dont consider it out of style yet, even though it has been buried by all the recent hits.

    I think the Clare is a bit more ladylike than the drew while the drew is more versatile in that it looks great dressed up and dressed down - so I would personally keep the Drew - but in the end its your choice and really depends how much you love the Clare.