Selling a Chanel

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  1. I have been trying to sell my Chanel tote to get a new bag (need help deciding that too) but does anyone have advice on the best way/place to sell Chanel? Ebay, Tradesy, sell to consignment? Thanks!!!
  2. Hi!
    Please search, this comes up a lot, so there's lots of great advice already :smile:
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    Hi Ladies,
    So, I have made a few impulse buys that I need to sell or consign (oops ;) Anyways, I know some great places to buy preloved bags (Ann's fabulous finds, Portero's, Yoogi's, etc) - but what are the best places to get the most money for my items? The one in particular I care about is the Chanel xxx - it is mint condition (no scratches on hardware, no corner wear) and I don't want to get lowballed. I have only used ebay once, so only have one positive feedback - not sure how viable an option that is with such an upscale item? Anyone use Mercari? It currently takes no commission but not sure if anyone uses it for luxury items. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  4. I guess it will depends on where you live. In Europe I'd def avoid Vesitaire Collective and try Rebelle, Designer Vintage, Labellov or labelcrush. With DV and Labelcrush u pay no commission just the posting fee (-/+ 45€ for items of high value) the others take commissions.
    In the states, I just purchased a vintage bag from Lollipuff ( the CEO of it is Bebefuzz in TPF) and they only ask 9%. They do authentication as well and they seem trustworthy. I'll know for sure when my bag arrives ;)

    Hope that helps
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  5. +1 for Lollipuff! Bebefuzz and her team are amazing! the extra steps it takes for authenticating as well as making sure that the seller actually owns the bag (i.e. pics now stolen online like so many resale sites nowadays) is awesome. prevents so much stress when trying to resell your luxury items or buy luxury items.
  6. Yes I live in the US- thank you guys! Will post on Lollipuff once I get home tomorrow :smile:
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  7. Good luck! will keep an eye on your goodies on there ;) lol
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  8. Out of Fashionphile, YoogisCloset, and Anns Fabolous Finds- Ann's gave me the best offer.
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  9. Thanks for asking this questions since i plan on selling my brand new woc and boots and fashionphile quote them so cheap that i got offended lol
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  10. Fashionphile was always better on quotes I received than Yoogi's.
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  11. I agree. I have a brand new large shopping tote and decided to sell and the price fashionphile and Yoogi's closet gave me were so low that I was shocked. They offered half of what I paid and I have seen them sell the exact bag I have for full price.

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  13. I'm new here and was wondering is it possible/allowed to swap or sell on this forum? I'd feel more comfortable dealing with members ( with proven records) than with strangers on eBay.
  14. Reminder that there's no buy, selling or trading on tPF.
    Also no advertising.
    There's really no reason to name and describe the item you wish to consign considering you cannot sell it here.
  15. The Purse Forum would probably do great if they had their own separate consignment website! I was just thinking this because TpF is already a very trusted site, excellent authenticators, and there are 10's of thousands of knowledgable members who are handbag obsessed and would probably use it. I know I would. Haha, anyhow.....TpF probably has no interest, but just thinking out loud :biggrin: