Selling a Chanel for someone else...

  1. My neighbor is kind of a computer/internet/eBay novice, and she has just asked me to list something on her behalf - a vintage Chanel bag. She says it is authentic - and I trust her enough that I know she would not intentionally mislead me. On the other hand, I know absolutely nothing about Chanel bags, and wouldn't know how to authenticate it. She says there is a serial number inside that absolutely proves its authenticity - but I know that she doesn't know anything about replicas and doesn't believe that a replica could have a serial number too.

    My question is... would you risk selling something like this for someone else?
  2. Every time someone has tried to sell me a bag that they received as a gift, it turned out to be fake. I now have a rule: unless they have proof of purchase, and it's not a fake receipt, I won't buy or sell it without authentication.
  3. ^^^ITA. It's YOUR eBay reputation on the line and unless she can prove authenticity I wouldn't risk it...
  4. Yep.. in the end it's your reputation on the line.

    Maybe try and post it in the Chanel Authentication thread and see if the girls there can help you out before you list
  5. Yup, definitely get an authentication prior to listing. Like Kasumi said, try the Chanel forum or for $10 will authenticate it for you.
  6. Do you have a Chanel boutique near you? If so take it in to get it authenticated.
  7. I agree with redney :yes:
    I wouldn't risk it if I'm not sure.
  8. I would only list it if you can authenticate it 100%. Your reputation is on the line.
  9. Hi Louisey,

    I wouldn't list it unless I could get the Chanel forum to authenticate it. About a year ago, one of my girlfriends asked me to list a Balenciaga handbag. This is before I knew anything at all about Balenciaga handbags. It was a black bag (city style, I now know), and it had the Barney's price tag still attached, dust bag, etc. My friend told me that her husband had bought it for her in NYC. My friend lives in a very posh area, husband works for a major corporation, and travels to NYC frequently, etc., etc. So, I didn't think twice. I made an assumption that it was real. WRONG! A young lady in CA bought the bag, and she was so upset - I don't blame her - she called (in fact, she had her boyfriend call), and I told him the circumstances, and he was very nice. I immediately refunded her money via Paypal, and they told me they would send the handbag back. The next day, when I told my girlfriend, she was very upset. I told her that her husband must have bought it from a street vendor. The friendship has never been the same. I think her husband was very embarrassed. He has never said anything about it. She hasn't ever brought it up again. Will I ever sell a handbag for a friend again? Not unless I'm with her when she is buying it. The buyer didn't leave me a negative - I was so lucky - someone with 2,000 FB getting a negative for a fake Balenciaga! How horrible would that have been!
  10. please post it in the Authenticate This! sticky in the Chanel Forum. Michele and Smooth and a few others are VERY good and quick at spotting fakes, they'll admit if they're not certain as well so you'll be sure to get an honest answer.

    MOST fakes have the # inside, it DOES NOT prove authenticity alone.
  11. Thanks so much everyone - it's pretty unanimous here...! I'll have her take photos of it, then I'll see what the Chanel forum thinks before I do anything - then if necessary, mypoupette or a boutique. I don't want to offend her, but it would be silly to risk my eBay rep because of that. I really appreciate your common sense, sometimes I lose mine. ;)