Selling a bag because it's now has a big fat scuff?

  1. Do any of you do this?

    If your bag gets a scuff or a scratch, would you sell the bag or would you keep it because whatever happens to the bag gives it more "character"?
  2. nah not me. I've sold a few accessories, but the reason for all of them is that I rarely used them or eventually ended up not using them that frequently.
  3. No I don't think so. I haven't (thank God) scuffed or injured any of my LV yet. But, I don't think I would.
  4. nope..both my bags have something wrong with it (mono 35 has a big scratch, and azur pochette has a mark on the strap) and I love them more! Also, since something is already "wrong" with it, I do'nt baby it as much.
  5. LOL, same here and as you said it gives it character as well.
  6. Nope, I only sell the bags I don't use anymore. If I scuff them I despair, but life goes on.
  7. Did you hurt one of your babies Karman. How bad? Pic?
  8. No! I keep it!
  9. I say more character :smile:
  10. Nah I've never sold any of my pieces and don't plan to. The little scrapes and marks, if any, don't bother me.
  11. I scuffed my Vanilla Jasmin, it's on the side and I guess you can't see it from far away but there it is...and it's a dark scuff too...

    Sorry no pic...I'm really tired right now...
  12. Nope. I like the character. Granted, not too much character.;)

    ouch :sad:
  13. I've been trying to get over's a relatively new scuff (from last Thursday) so I think it'll take me awhile to completely ignore it.
  14. awwww what kinda scuff???.... like....deep and abrasive-like or from something else? If the latter, try rubbing it with a white eraser or alcohol! Hope all goes well :yes:
  15. I am driven crazy by that kind of a thing myself so I can relate. Is the leather scratched? Can you use a Magic Eraser on it... that has worked on some of my stuff!!

    Good luck!!

    I wouldn't want to sell it but will you use it? And if you will, will it drive you crazy every time you look at it?