Sellier watch

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  1. Hi girls:

    Does anyone know if the Sellier watch is still available and the price range in Paris?
    I saw the photo from my Hermes 2007 Super Catalogue (yes, the much talked about mook) and fell in love with it!
    Photos would be great too...:heart:
  2. ?
  3. The sellier watch in the catalogue was issued in 1987 as part of 150 years H celebration. They probably don't have these at the stores nowadays.
  4. That would be a shame - I love the clarity of the watch face.
  5. Oh no.... that's my favorite out of all the H watches!
  6. Hello all.

    I am new to the forum, and happened to see this post...I just purchased a vintage Sellier from a private owner. I am thrilled with my new watch and was pleased to see the responses regarding them. I did not know much about the watch ( I am a bag person!) but knew I had to have it,
    Any more info is appreciated! Thanks.
  7. That's the H watch I'd most like to own and I have asked about it in my store but it is not manufactured any more. I remember gazing adoringly at adverts for it way back in the eighties but I didn't have two pennies to rub together then so vintage is the only route to this watch at present.

    I also think it has great clarity in the watch face - I like a watch that tells me the time without going digital.
  8. pershopper .....would it be possible to post a picture of the watch.....I love Hermes vintage watches..........


  9. I would love to! Now I just have to figure out how!
  10. pershopper ...... use the Post Reply and not the quick reply will let you attach a photo ...... mind you the photo must be less than 195mb ...thanks for your efforts

  11. I think I uploaded the picture from eBay to show it to you all. I love the watch but not sure that I can afford it right now!!!
  12. Nice looking watch indeed................Thank you for posting pic, bagaholic1...........

  13. You're welcome sydspy! I called Hermes to confirm whether or not they still sold the watch but it has been discontinued! I'm thinking about bidding but I am waiting for the seller to respond to see if they will accept payment in 2 weeks. My friend has this same watch (sher received hers as a gift from her was about $2000) and I've always loved it and I think it's time I get one! I'm tired of looking at my Tag and would like to try a watch with a leather/ostrich band.
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    Hi RH & everyone.......

    Ok~~HOPEFULLY Here is a photo of my recently acquired watch!

    I also saw the Sellier listed on eBay. I will be watching the auction with interest!

    Thanks. Pershopper
    sellier watch.jpg