Sellier vs. Retourne


Which style do you like more?

  1. Sellier (Rigide)

  2. Retourne (Souple)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which one do you like more? Sellier or retourne and why?
  2. I voted sellier coz to me a Kelly is a bag that's somewhat more formal and dressy. That's just how I think of the Kelly. So, the rigid construction makes it look true to that image, in my mind:smile:
  3. Great poll Kou! I need help in this area---I can't decide--I love them both!
  4. I'm a sellier person too!! I prefer my bag to be dressier, especially if I'm paying so much for it.
  5. Sellier, because it's more formal. Also, IMO the bag is better constructed with an extra layer of leather and outside stitching. With the outside stitching, the craftsman needs to take better care with his work, IMO.
  6. 28cm - Sellier (yeah.......what HG said)
    32cm - Retourne otherwise it looks too much like luggage on me in the Sellier construction.
  7. Sellier for me too. I personally think that the Kelly looks most classic and elegant in the sellier style. Before analysing the Kelly bags in detail, I'd thought that the outside stitching was 'untidy', and preferred the souple's piping. But when I saw the picture of a vintage Kelly where the shape has collapsed, I became determined to only want a rigide Kelly.
  8. I'm the odd man out, but I prefer Retourne: first of all because I generally prefer soft bags rather than rigid ones, and, in the Kelly, I like the piping on the side, and the fact that, over time, it slouches a bit even in "rigid" leathers....I LOVE that "broken in" look that vintage Retourne Kellys have....
  9. I love both! What did Grace Kelly carry? It looked like a Retourne...can't tell by the pictures.
  10. I agree with you. I like the softness of the Retourne. I like the broken in look too.
  11. oui ! i am madam rigide. the retourne just looks wrong on me nd i am not the hugest fan (only witht he exception of the two-tone coloured ones with contrast piping these are fine but far down the road for me )
  12. I agree for what is regarding craftsmanship and construcion, so I usually prefer sellier for a kelly, but sometimes I think a less formal Retourné in a bright color (vert anis, rouge vif, orange) might be fun too, maybe in a larger size.
  13. Yes, that how I prefer it too.
  14. Both. Like shopmom, I like the sellier 28cm and the retourne 32cm.
  15. i think any girl should have both sellier/retourne for all occasions. sellier for formal affairs and retourne for shopping (great wearing it with the strap for extra hands)....imo.