Sellier Swift Kelly

  1. Swift is a pretty soft leather ... just wondering if a sellier swift Kelly would slouch over time?:confused1:
  2. Humm,.. good question.
  3. I guess the only real way to know is to about 5-10 years?? I'll let you know at that time...LOL...since I have a swift Kelly. Will get back to you..LOL!

  4. oooooh, but all the fun you'll have with that beautiful Kelly, Moviegirl, during the wait!
  5. The fun I will have indeed!!!! Hope she can handle it!!!
  6. A good friend of mine has a kelly in swift, and another in clemence, both retourne, and even though she has the swift about 5 months longer, it actually is holding it's shape better than the clemence, the clemence has "slumped" since her purchase.
  7. The reason i asked is that I really like the Rose Dragee color ... One of these days, I'd like to get a sellier Kelly 28cm in Rose Dragee. however, it appears that they are only making Rose Dragee in swift leather. I absolutely cannot deal with unstructured or slouchy bags (unless it's a shoulder Birkin), so I'd really like to know if swift sellier will slouch over time ...

    If so, then I'm going to have to forget about it :push:
  8. The bag is similar to togo in slouch factor, but firmer than clemence, I did not notice any "slouch progression" in my friends bag, but it was never totally firm in the first place. I have a birkin in swift, and I also think it holds better than clemence, but not firm like box or chevre.
  9. Thanks Avan!

    I think in this case, it's probably safer to get Rose Dragee in swift with the Kelly Longue style then. It's flat so unlikely to slouch as I won't be standing it up. Either that or a Lindy 30cm.

    I hope they make Rose Dragee in exotic or chevre ... I would get a bag in that color if that's the case.
  10. I have a feeling you may not like swift, Kou,.... thinking about it....:sad: I just looked at my bag, I would not call it firm, by any means.:s
    Maybe wait untill they start using that color in a different leather, that color would look great in box calf!
  11. But see, I can't do box calf either. I go absolutely NUTS if something gets scratched up ... I know it gives the leather "character", but ... well, I don't like scratches.:sweatdrop:

    Do you think they'll make that color in exotics? I'm hoping they make it in ostrich, it'll be a gorgeous shade of powder pink.:drool:
  12. Well swift does hold up better than box as far as scratches go,
    In ostrich it could be long as it clearly looks pink, and not like raw chiken:smile:
  13. I'm craving for such a variety of pink exotics that at this point I am seriously considering a naked chicken bag if it does turn up:wtf:
  14. I'll send you the raw turkey skin I was about to throw away, .........and a sewing kit!;) :lol: