Sellier or Retourne??

  1. Just wanted to get your valued opinion. In a Black Box Kelly GH, which is more beautiful...a retourne or a sellier??:confused1::confused1::confused1: I would use it any time I felt like it. Thank-you.
  2. sellier - perfection!

    retourne - gorgeous and can be more casual.

    if i could only pick one...sellier!
  3. Sellier definately quintessential H!
  4. Both are equally beautiful. I have sellier and would gladly also have a black box retourne if $ were no object!
  5. Your passion inspires me....thank-you all....I can't wait to pick it up.
  6. For a 35 cm, I'd go retourne---slightly more casual and better for a bigger bag. Sellier can look very big and blocky in a large size.

    For 30 cm and smaller, go for sellier

    For 32 cm, whichever you like best. Either works.
  7. I have a 35cm sellier kelly and love, love it!!!
  8. Thank-you both....I'm definitely going sellier.
  9. Which size are you considering?
    For me works best: 28 sellier or 32 retourne (and I am tall).
  10. I am looking for a suitable Sellier now, but I've tried on a few Selliers - like others said, large sizes can be boxy, like a doc's medical kit dangling by you all day long.

    I have a Swift Retourne and it's TDF. Not too slouchy that it loses its shape, but malleable enough to have extra space and very pleasing to touch.
  11. Hello2703: I'm looking at a 32cm box. I'm 5'7".

    Trancendent1: I'm hoping for a Birkin for the more casual chic??.
  12. Retourne.......This makes it an every-day bag for me.....

    MOTO....are you looking for a Birkin in Box Calf?
  13. I prefer Kellys in Sellier and would pick one up in a heartbeat, if it's the colour and skin I want.

    But I can also appreciate the casualness of a retourne and how easily it is to use. Love seeing retournes on my friends.
  14. Moto, retourne is good for everyday use!:tup:
  15. I used to think Retourne always but.. I´ve grown very fond of Sellier.