Sellier Kelly 28 GHW, but which colour? Blue electrique or tosca?

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Which colour for sellier Kelly 28 GHW

  1. Tosca

  2. Blue electrique

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Dear TPF friends, I finally decided I must get a sellier Kelly, giving the fact that I missed out a croc sellier Kelly earlier this year. The leather will have to be Epsom as they are not offering box. It will be GHW. I want it to be a day to night bag and a all year round bag. Colour should not be too bright. So I went through the leather book with my SA again and we narrowed it down to two options. Tosca or blue electrique. So which one should I get? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi sweetie,

    What a nice decision to make. Not an easy decision, as both options are lovely.
    Which color would work better with your wardrobe?
    Personally, I like BE better than Tosca, as Tosca is a bit too pink for me. And I think BE is beautiful and it will look amazing with ghw. But that's just my personal preference ;).
    You should go for the color that works best for you. Good luck :biggrin:!
  3. Hi dear **Chanel**, thank you for dropping by! I think both would work with my wardrobe. I think prob BE works better but tosca will fill a gap in my bag collection because I don't have any bag in that colour.

    And did you get a new puppy???
  4. Hmmm, nice problems to have :P

    Pink is ubiquitous in any shade and a must have, but I'm partial to BE - either should be gorgeous with GHW :yes:
  5. i am not a fan of tosca but i don't mind it in epsom. the colour appears quite different and if you don't have any bags in this colour family then i would pick tosca for you. definitely possible as a day to night and all season colour in epsom for sure, it is darker and not as pop bright!
  6. I vote for tosca as I hv too many blue bag. -:smile:
  7. Mmmm, I see. I still think you should go for BE. If you really would like something in Tosca as well, what about a Picotin in Tosca? Or a Bolide?

    The puppy is a long story...was not planned at all since I already have a dog. But this poor little thing had no place to go, and things didn't look good if he wouldn't find a home soon (really, I don't understand some people, but that's a whole other discussion, lol). So when I heard about this puppy that desperately needed a new home, I decided he could stay with me. He sure keeps me busy, but he is such a sweetheart.
  8. What a delicious dilemma to have! Hmmm.... well BE is one of my favorite pops of color and looks gorgy w ghw, but tosca seems to fill a void you need in wardrobe. Do you have a few blue bags in your collection? If so, definitely get the tosca. Which one makes your heart skip a beat?
  9. I agree with luckylove, go with whichever color makes your heart skip a beat. Although if you want to take down more opinions, I vote for BE! It's such a gorgeous shade of blue.
  10. I love both colors but I am thinking of those gorgeous, nice tight edges of the sellier and I think electic blue would be electifying! Tosca can look a little muddy to me BUT I have never seen it on epsom. Overall, I can't justify "filling a niche," fill your heart-what makes the biggest thud?? Good luck my friend
  11. My vote goes to BE.
  12. Blue Electrique
  13. Another vote for bleu electrique. :smile:
  14. My vote goes to tosca.

    I have a BE/mykonos bearn in Epsom and I personally think that the BE was more muted and did not stand out as much as I want it to be.
  15. BE! Somehow i think of that as more of year-round color than tosca.