Sellers with Little Feedback

  1. I'm thinking of bidding on a bag from an international seller. The problem is that the seller only has 6 feedbacks - 5 of which are positive, the other is a neutral from a buyer. I really like this bag but I'm a bit hesitant about purchasing something like this from such a seller. They haven't sold any similar items in the past - mainly books etc. What would you do to ensure you weren't being ripped off?
  2. I'd ask her a question (make one up) to see if she responds promptly. If you win the auction, make sure you pay with a credit card (American Express is my favorite). That way if something goes wrong you will be covered. Also, insist that she ship the item with some sort of tracking. Do not bid if she does not agree to that. Good luck!
  3. mmmm that is very little feedback & 1 negative???? & no bags I would tread warily!
  4. It's only a neutral not a negative. If it were a neg, I'd run a mile, but neutral...
  5. Please review "eBay tips" on this thread.

    Please post item number as well so we can have a look!
  6. You could ask for extra pictures too, say a close up of the hardware or something. Just to make sure it's the same bag.
    Pay with a CC to make sure you are covered.
  7. Go with your gut feeling on this and maybe find another bag with a seller who has more feedback. I wouldnt risk it. I know we all have to start somewhere, but I would rather wait a while for my perfect bag than risk maybe getting a fake or having a newbie seller.
  8. look at the item carefully, get additional pix if necessary, go with your gut, and DEF pay through paypal with a c.c that will back you up in case of emergency.
  9. I'd be wary. If I buy off eBay, i look for:

    1. 100% or no less than 99% positive feedback.
    2. About five or more years of history
    3. Only one user ID name on file (check their ID history)
    4. READ THEIR FEEDBACK!!! That is so important!
    5. See what they're selling. If it's all recipies, books, and .99 stuff and they're selling only one expensive handbag, it's probably fake.

    Be safe.
  10. p.s. I forgot to say pay with a credit card that will protect you if you end up being scammed. sorry!
  11. I agree. :yes:
  12. I know we all would prefer to buy from a seller with a lot of good feedback, but like some1 said, we all have to start somewhere. So if you want the item, yes I would bid.
  13. i'm also an international buyer/seller
    and so far i have good experiences with selling on eBay. i always answer my questions promptly and it gained trust from the prospective buyers.