Sellers with beyond horrible customer service- what would you do?

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  1. Rant::cursing:

    I won a (very) used marshmallow LV agenda off ebay 2 wednesday's ago. I paid immediately like I always do. Sent the seller a few questions after I purchased, heard nothing. Finally YESTERDAY I get an e-mail saying the item was shipped via USPS (I paid for UPS)....I e-mailed her back asking what type of shipping was used (implying it should be further expedited) since it was over a week since I paid! No answer. Today I checked the tracking (since it usually takes about a day for shipping to register on these sites) and it says tracking was not purchased so it cannot track my package. Check UPS for the heck of it, nothing. E-mail her AGAIN asking about shipping and insinuating that I would leave her negative feedback for her non-existent communication and beyond acceptable slow shipping. No answer yet.

    Thing is, after checking her feedback, it seems that if someone left her negative feedback for something legit (stains not mentioned, etc)- she left retalitory negative back! NOT fair! I'm afraid now, what to do, lie on her feedback to get positive on mine? Or leave her negative and get an undeserved on back?

    This agenda is marked up and stained, but I figured it was an agenda and I'd eventually ruin it anyways. I mean, it's not like it's a brand-new item, she had to relist a few times to even get the thing to least ship it to me!

    What would you do?
  2. Honestly, I'd take the hit of a retaliatory negative. It's really not fair, and it sucks, but still. People will see that it's just retaliatory and shrug it off. Especially with you as a buyer. Buyer's FB isn't as important as a seller's IMO.

    True feedback is more important than "safe" feedback.
  3. I'd wait until it arrives and if the item is as described, I would leave her a neutral saying, something like item is fine but slow shipping and poor communication. You can then rate her low on the shipping and communication criteria on the detailed fb.
  4. I'd be pissed. I'm not understanding these"You bother me"sellers. It's like they really don't give a darn about their buyers.If you're not worried about her leaving you a neg, she definitely deserves one.Hope it arrives soon. :smile:
  5. I wouldnt worry about her neg at this point. The whole idea of feedback is to describe the whole experience. At this point, and you havent even received the item, it sounds like a neg already!
  6. I am having the same problem, I bought a tag heuer watch and I can't get any answers out of the seller at all! After I paid I find out it is not even working and hopefully it is just the battery!! Who knows!He does not answer any of my questions, just ignores me. I have no idea if it shipped, or anything!
  7. Oh Muggles, that's awful! I'm having a simular problem. The seller asked me to stop contacting her. It will get to me when it gets to me. *shakes head*
  8. If she didn't do tracking and can't prove it got to you, she is liable to have to return your money to you in full, if you paid through paypal. She will have no recourse but a full refund if she can't prove the item got to you. If it's been a week, I'd go ahead and get paypal involved. Start a claim.
  9. That's right. I would not leave her a neutral, but negative after all. You'll see-if you leave her a neutral-she will reply with negative, she seems very rude and unprofessional already.
  10. thanks for the input everyone! I'm pretty sure I'm just going to leave her a negative b/c this is ridiculous! As SarahlovesLouis said, it will be a buyer negative, not one for my selling.

    You're probably right lucywife- if I left neutral, she'd retaliate with negative

    If she supposedly shipped it out yesterday, I figure I will give it until Monday maybe- not here by then I am filing a claim with paypal! I'll give her the benefit of the doubt until then
  11. wait untill this 1st of may then neg her:happydance:
  12. I would say she deserves a neg :yucky:and also the smallest star rating you can give. Not 0 because ebay just voids that, but a 1 in every category. You may get one in return but you can reply underneath explaining and everyone will see who is truly at fault. I hope your bag gets there soon and wish you the best either way.:love:

  13. Thats terrible!:nogood:
  14. LOL! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. I would just leave the negative if that is what she deserves. When I see a negative, I always check to see the FB of both parties involved, you can tell the ones that are retalitory.

    I hope that it arrives soon, that is rather annoying that she is ignoring you...I hate sellers like that!