Sellers who only post stock photos

  1. I know it is very tempting to use stock photos and occasionally I will throw one in there, but I always add plenty of my own.
    My point is I know many tpfers here have had their LV listings yanked for Vero violations. So how can somebody list an LV with only one stock photo & get away with it?
    eBay is so inconsistent with its policies.
  2. eBay on their own does not pull auctions for picture infringement. It has to come from Vero/LV. Only the owner of the copyright can get pics pulled. Any other report is considered a 3rd party and eBay won't touch them on that.
  3. Ive tried using a few pics from the mac website, but they always get pulled by Estee Lauder. It just depends if the company/person who produced the pictures is really tight on things like that. well I think that's how it works anyway :p
  4. OOh she has 4 bidders for over $400 :shocked: how we can spot if it's auth or not even how to know if she already have the actual item on her hand.
  5. I usually steer clear of auctions with only stock photos. I once tried to ask someone who only had stock photos to post an actual photo up and excuses started flying left, right and center! I smell a fraud...?
  6. Your nose is NOT deceiving you. You are very wise. :smile:
  7. I never purchase high end items that only show stock photos. Almost everyone these days has access to digital cameras and I don't trust those that don't take pics of their actual items.
  8. I'm always suspicious of auctions that only use stock photos. I don't want to buy something without being able to see the item that I'm bidding on.
  9. I couldn't've put this better. Totally agree.
  10. My point exactly!
  11. I do use a stock photo for comparison to my photos! To show that the item is authentic. But I also use photoshop to write on the stock photo "Coach drilldown image" or whatever.

    But I just use them as an additional resource, not just them alone.
  12. Most of the time if it is a stock photo, the auction gets pulled.
  13. I have FOUR digicams in this house and two webcams. All broken or eaten by my doggy. But even I can still take photos with my crappy Palm treo phone! lol.
    I hate spending loads on a cam when I could be toting my earnings on my arm in the form of newwwww bagsssss! lol

    Sellers doing this are 90% of the time going to be selling a fake.
    I had someone tell me once when they had photos up of a fake bag that they weren't even their photos and how could I report them for selling a fake when the bag in the photo wasn't even what they were selling??

    Huh? WTF? lol ... that is bait and switch. But in a way I have never heard of. lol
  14. Agree with everyone. I am a dreadful photographer, probably the worst ever despite digital technology doing a lot to help me, but I realise I have to show potential buyers the item they are bidding on, so I take the photos and apologise a lot! Seriously, I will always take lots of images until I get something postable, I do occasionally cross-reference urls/websites where buyers can see the item 'in action' taken by a proper photographer but never at the expense of numerous photos of the actual item.
  15. I avoid auctions that only use stock photos.
    I've also noticed some sellers using pics of Kim & Paris when auctioning bags from the Mirior line.
    One seller even has the nerve to watermark those with her e-Bay ID and block you from right clicking and saving those images as if they were actually photos she had taken herself,yeh right she stole those copyrighted images her damn self :wtf: .But I will say one thing she also post her own images along side the stolen ones :lol:.

    Personally I don't think e-Bay should allow any pictures to be used in an auction unless they are owned and copyrighted by the seller.
    If a seller can afford the highend bags they are selling they can damn well afford a cheap point & shoot camera.