Sellers who do not respond.. and don’t provide tracking or delivery confirmation

  1. Rant, I am getting so sick of sellers who did not respond. I bid on and won a personal coffee maker, I paid immediately on January 24th. Last week, I still hadn’t received my item and I asked the seller to provide me tracking information, she said there was no tracking but according to the receipt it was mailed on January 25th (from North Carolina to Los Angeles) at 10:34 am. I emailed her back and asked if it was sent Priority or Parcel (takes much longer), no response, she has 100% positive feedback but I’m getting really annoyed.

    I'm considering filing a dispute with paypal. I have bid on and won a lotof other things since then and they have all been received. If she did not have a tracking # but has a receipt how will paypal handle this dispute?
  2. no tracking, I believe her claim would automatically be denied.
  3. I hate when that happens too. Although, I think you may have to wait 30 days, before you can claim the item was never received. I always send things with delivery confirmation for this very reason.
  4. Foolish of her to not purchase tracking, I always send out with delivery confirmation even on low ticket items like books or cd's. The ONE time
    I didn't (early on) was the one time the buyer claimed they never received it (a book) and I had to refund their money. I still wonder if I got scammed - if a buyers sees that you didn't provide deliv. conf. they know they can say they never received it and there's nothing you can do but refund. Lesson learned.

    Hope you get your item soon! If not then I'd file a dispute for non-receipt of item.

  5. not counting weekends its been 7 business days I would wait at least 10 days then file a claim. I'm in VA and things coming from CA takes a bit to get to me.

    I get frustrated when sellers don't communicate.
  6. Thanks everyone, I will give it to Friday before I involve paypal. I am a seller on eBay too and I ALWAYS use DC, it doesn't matter how inexpensive the product is, on high ticket items like designer bags, I use signature required with the DC.
  7. Thanks, if I was a dishonest person I would have claimed non-receipt on my Coach or Michael Kors bag, not the little personal coffee maker for $15.99, but I really need it for my office, :hysteric:. It's really the lack of care, she has the money, now it's kind of my problem, it's a simple question that I've asked her twice, if she sent it parcel post (which I suspect) I would understand why it's taking so long, why is it so hard for people to communicate with their buyers?
  8. So she just emailed me that her responses through eBay My Messages must not have gone through. :rolleyes: She sent it Parcel Post, so now I feel better.
  9. I'd like to add my "rant" to this thread.....

    When I sell something on eBay, I always answer all questions, etc... quickly and keep communications open. When an Item sells, As soon as I receive payment I email the buyer thanking them for their payment and telling them when the item will ship. Then, when it does ship, I email a tracking number and another thank you for the purchase.

    I have recently won some auctions where I paid immediately, and had to email the seller a couple of days later asking for shipping info.

    Then, this past Friday, I won a great pair of shoes. I paid immediately using Paypal (credit card). The next day I checked and my payment was showing as unclaimed. Since then, I have emailed the seller (new ebayer) twice asking her to contact Paypal and get help setting up her account correctly so she can accept my payment. She has not responded to my emails, but the charge is on my credit card statement already, so I got her contact info. from Ebay and called her. She acted like she had forgotten she had sold something on Ebay and said she would get to her email as soon as she could (???). I asked her to please take care of it tomorrow.

    I understand that people are busy, etc...but it's been 3 days. What is wrong with people?

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  10. IMO, sellers who don't use DC with any package, regardless of the price, are taking a huge risk. If you can't show tracking, you WILL lose a claim if someone files against you with paypal.

    This seller will have to learn the hard way. Hope it arrives!