Sellers White List?

  1. It just came to my mind that maybe we could open a thread where all eBay sellers who sell original Burberry bags are listed; I know there is the "authentic find" thread but once the auction is over I think the thread isn't really helpful.
    Of course some sellers don't sell Burberry all the time but if I were looking for an item I would at least know where to find an authentic one.
    What do you guys think?
  2. Hi Regina! I think that's a wonderful idea because often times, it's very challenging while "shopping" on eBay because there are some people who will claim authenticity and then sell you an item that, in actual fact, is not. So yeah it would be good to either have a list of people who are reputable or a list of people to not go to. :okay:
  3. The only problem I have with this is I once recommended a great seller to another person. She sold all authentic items... or so I thought. I don't know if it was her great and high number feedback but she was able to sneak in a few fake ones and get away with it. And the part that gets me is people called her out on the fakes and she still sold it. :sad:

    If there's a recommended seller's list, it'd be easy for others to unknowingly buy a fake based on just the reputation that the seller is on that list alone, kwim? And I'm sure for some sellers (like the one I had recommended), they'd be tempted to sneak in a fake here and there.
  4. While I think it is a great idea regina, I would like to strongly emphasize that each and every auction that someone is considering be posted in the Authenticate This Burberry thread for review no matter who the seller is.
  5. I agree... Especially because some people who "collect" probably have bought a few on eBay as well and might have fakes... SAD but true...