Sellers:What would you do in this situation?

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  1. I recently sold a BNWT sweater on ebay. A few days later, I got an email from the buyer saying that the sweater was stretched out to a size large (the sweater I sold was an extra small) and was "pilling." I wrote her back and said that was impossible, as its never been worn! As far as the size, I told her it was just a looser fit for an extra small. Her next response was that I misrepresented the item in the picture because it looked smaller there! (Are you KIDDING me?! :hysteric:)

    She said she is a buyer not a seller, and is demanding a full refund because she won't put them item for sale on ebay. She wants to get Paypal and Ebay involved.

    What would you all do in this situation? I have perfect feedback, and I'm worried she will ruin that for me... but I also don't find it MY fault that the item didn't fit her, or that she didn't ask for measurements prior to bidding!

  2. I think these sorts of situations depend upon 2 things. Do you state no returns in your listings? Did you give her the measurements beforehand? (It sounds like they are not a standard part of your listing and in this case she didn't ask for them). Putting the measurements in the listing is a good way to avoid problems with the variability of size tags. If you didn't state no returns and you never gave measurements, as your post above indicates that she didn't ask for them, I would take the item back and swallow the loss. However, if she knew the measurements in advance (not the case here) OR didn't ask and your auction stated no returns (may be the case?), then I would not accept a return and I would take the negative. You can always add your comment to the negative about the item not fitting her etc. Most ebay sellers do not accept returns simply because an item doesn't fit.
  3. I feel so bad for you...

    Another thing you can do is (even if you don't normally do returns) say that you will accept the sweater back in the exact same condition and that she refunds all of your listing, Paypal and shipping fees. That way you can hopefully avoid any negative feedback.

    Sounds like she had buyer's remorse...
  4. No, I didn't provide measurements, but at the bottom of my listing, I have a note that encourages potential bidders to ask me any questions they can come up with. Also stated in the auction is a Final Sale policy (which is why I encourage communication). So you think I should just take the negative? I am so conflicted. :confused1:
  5. .....this is a tricky one....I buy and sell on ebay, and I've had one or two buyers make up some sort of excuse as to why they want a refund, even though I know they are being unreasonable, but I've always just given the refund as to avoid any hassle and negative really it's up to you, it definitely sounds like that you shouldn't have to give a refund, but it depends if you want to risk negative feedback, which she might give you... safe guard yourself in future it's always best to write the measurements of the garment on the listing, that way you're covered......if decide not to give the refund (which you'd be absolutely right not to) I'd think she'd have a hard time winning her case.

  6. Did the tag on the item state the size? I think it sounds like buyers remorse. I would only refund AFTER you got the item back. Good luck.
  7. Just let her return it, it's not worth the hassle. Ask her first if the tags are still intact -- she may have removed them and worn the item, in which case you might win against her. Make sure she provides you with a tracking number for both of your protection. Ditto the suggestion that in the future you list all measurements in your listing. She may have buyer's remorse but her "out" is that you didn't list the measurements. Since it's sweater season, I'm sure you'll have no problem relisting. You can also file with eBay to get your fees waived if you relist the item.
  8. yes i would always put measurements to be safe.

    that being said: tell her you will accept the return as long as the sweater is in the EXACT condition as you sent it including all tags and then you will not refund shipping. see what she says.
  9. I would not give a refund, and am willing to take a negative feedback. I would add a comment to say that the buyer is unreasonable and has buyer's remorse.
    I do not think one or two negative feedback can kill you, because as a buyer, I always check the reasons/comments for negative feedback. As long as there are no comments about fake items, I ignore the few negatives.
  10. ITA- its not worth the hassle...:yes:
  11. If you state that all sales are final and that all questions should be asked before bidding, then the buyer has no come back, whether the item fits or not!
    They are obviously lying about the condition of the jumper, as you know what state you sent it out in - and that was new with tags.

    I once sold an age 15/16 (according to the manufacturers measurements) jumper to someone who said that it didn't fit their 12 year old daughter, no matter a 15 year old, yet i'd sold a couple of other jumpers the same size with no problems.

    I quite clearly stated that all questions should be asked before bidding and that all sales are final. And i never heard from the buyer again.

    If a seller hasn't put measurements up on the auction, it's down to the buyer to check that the item will fit before they bid.

    It now all depends on whether you'd rather just take a negative feedback, or would prefer to just refund the buyer.
    But stand up for your rights, whatever you do. :yes:

  12. As a buyer, I don't ignore any negs, for any reason.

    I am also far more likely to believe a buyer than a seller, as I feel they generally have less to gain by making things up; unless the buyer has appalling feedback.

    If a seller had two negs saying that the item was 'not as described', I would avoid buying from them. :yes:
  13. If I were in your situation, Liya. I would offer a refund, less 10% restocking fee (to cover fees). If, once I received the return, I found the sweater was not in the same condition in which it was dispatched, I would return the item to the buyer, unrefunded.

    Then, if she gave me a neg, I could dispute it, from a stronger position. :yes:

    I would also try to ensure that I always included measurements in future. :biggrin:

    Hope this helps! :flowers:
  14. Thank you all for your very valuable advice! :flowers:

    Update on the situation:
    I decided to give her a refund, minus the shipping cost. She wrote me back saying I should refund at least part of the shipping cost. I feel like tearing my hair out..... :cursing:
  15. Are people now allowed to post links to their websites?