Sellers-- what is fair for a Best Offer?

  1. I'm asking this because there was a thread a while ago about people making silly best offers. I'm a newbie seller. Is 75% of asking price OK? 70%? Or less depending on the offers you get? I know this is very individual, I'm just curious what other people do.
  2. I think that you as a seller have to make that desicion, but as a buyer I try first with around 25-30% off, also when you receive an offer that is too low try to send a counter offer. I normally mark the item around 20% more than what I really want to get, so I can have the best offer option available for buyers. When I receie a good offer I wait at least one more day to accept it just in case a better one shows up.
  3. I usually also list 20-25% more than what I want. And then hopefully only need to take around 10% off what I want. Personally, I never lowball that much. I think 10-15% off is a reasonable offer, UNLESS you know you only want to pay 10-15% off nd you like to haggle and counteroffer to get to that point.
  4. I use an eBay calculator. Normally I list the item with a BIN of (generally) $50 above my purchase price plus fees. I set the decling $20-$30 below that. (this is for new items)
  5. thanks for the tips!
  6. I'm cleaning our my closet and I usually just use regular auction w/ BIN, but decided to test out the Best Offer option on a few higher priced items. I can tell you offering a Seller 1/3 or less of the BIN is ridiculous and pretty insulting. I had that happen on two Coach bags that were brand new. I was perfectly prepared to take an offer of 25% less - no problem and did indeed end up doing that with one very nice buyer. I thought it might be a good option, but so far seems to bring out the "cheap" in buyers.
  7. Maybe because they have a "might as well" attitude-- I think I'll stick to auctions for now.
  8. I've only ever made two or three best offers, and each time I offered around 90% of the BIN. Seems to me if a seller is willing to consider a BO, they're giving the BIN as a guide to how much they would like to sell the item for ... so anyone making an offer should bear that in mind and not waste the seller's time with a silly and insulting offer. I mean, when you're making an offer, you're basically helping yourself to a discount, and it's coming out of the seller's profit. I wouldn't offer less than about 90%.
  9. I think it depends on the seller - why they're selling, etc. I have a few things up with the best offer option. I don't NEED to sell these items, I'm just not using them right now & they are in brand new condition. I would prefer almost my entire BIN price as the items are significantly discounted anyway. I did search completed auctions to see how much others were getting though before turning away offers and accepted one I otherwise wouldn't have based on that info. I don't get offended at the offers & set up to auto decline below a certain amount so I wouldnt even have to look at them.
  10. Depends on the item I'm selling and how quickly I want it sold! I tend to get horribly insulted when someone "offers" $100 for a $1000 bag. Why even bother to make an offer? Do they honestly think I'll accept that?! For that particular bag I ended up taking a best offer of $750 which I was perfectly happy with! =)