sellers- what is better Reserve or higher starting price (in terms of FEES)

  1. Couldn't find this on here - in relation to eBay fees. What costs less? Starting the auction higher with no reserve or starting it very low, but with a reserve? I know someone out there has figured out the math.... :graucho:
  2. I would like to know this as well...I am fairly new to selling and of course want to pay eBay the least possible amount :graucho:

    I always see people who put things up for a starting price and a BIN price that are the same. Is there any reasoning behind this? I would imagine it has something to do with fees.
  4. my bf always does BIN for his auctions (he is often selling paintball equipment, etc) .. he does it becasue it's quicker and easier than waiting a week for bidders, etc
  5. Ebay has a tutorial that explains fees. I think you can get to it by clicking on the sell link in my ebay.
  6. I like BIN too!!

    (I just find it obnoxious when people have both for the same price!!) But, I guess it would attract attention.

    Thanks for the link to the other thread. :tup:
  7. All of my auctions have the same starting bid and buy it now PAY NOW. Its quick, I get paid, it goes out, and everybody is happy. It doesn't give newbes or scammers room to bid and not pay. If you want it, pay for it and its yours. I've had no complaints.

    And personally, I never bid on items with a reserve. Its irritating. I want to know what you want and don't want to play the waiting game and take a chance on losing the item. I use a sniping program and seldom lose. That way I pay what I'm willing to pay without jacking up the auction price.
  8. The best in terms of fees is buy-it-now with best offer option
  9. GREAT! Thanks! Never used the best offer feature...going to attempt it. There are times where I end up losing money after ebay fees, shipping, and paypal fees are taken out. Ugh. Then I think "Well, at least I will get a feedback for it" and those are the people w ho don't leave feedback!!!!! :cursing:

  10. The only thing I can figure on this is that it has to do with searching. You can set your search preferences so that you search on BINS items or that you search only auction items. Maybe this way they willl attract both??
  11. I guess I should have elaborated. It really depends on what you're selling. I have found that with an LV bag, for example, there are good weeks where everything seems to sell at a high price and bad weeks. On these bad weeks, lots of bags don't meet reserve price and the bidding war doesn't happen, and the price stays low. It also depends on your feedback (if you have very high feedback, it's good to have a bidding war but if you have low feedback or if the bag is not so popular, the bids may not go up enough and you need a reserve. I have found that when I did the buy-it-now with best offer, everything sells at the buy-it-now price. This is because people see you have 5 offers or something, and they get anxious about you accepting one and so they click buy-it-now. Of course, the price would be reasonable for this to work.