Sellers: What are private auctions?

  1. I am pretty interested in some of the items on offer from a certain eBay seller who has been a member since 2001 and specializes in LV (can we name names?), who has about 300 positive feedback (100%) but almost all the recent auctions were private. I thought that was a warning sign that something fishy was going on--what is the deal with private auctions? Do they always indicate a sketchy seller, or are they OK? Please explain!
  2. Private meaning they don't show the bidders?

    If that's the case, it doesn't always mean it's indicitive of anything shady. A lot of reputable sellers keep their auction private because they don't want others soliciting their bidders. To keep actual purchase price hidden from SO.
    Also items as private can be a good thing when the same buyers buy the same items over and over- and can see who they are bidding against.They may stop bidding, knowing how the other bidder bids, and how much they spend.
  3. Right, on their feedback it just says "private" instead of showing, like, the item number and all.
  4. I thought you couldn't sell now days on eBay unless you had your feedback available to the public.....That's strange.
  5. I know a few sellers who use private auctions, mainly for two reasons:

    1. They fear competitors to steal customers. eBay forbidden people to offer sales outside its marketplace. But the fact is many people are doing so secretly.

    2. They sell fake goods so their sales history needs to be conceal to minimize risk being discovered by people patrolling the market.

    If a seller has a 300/100% I will tend to classify him on cat#1. But I can be wrong... Make your own judgment and enjoy the guessing game : )

  6. You cannot have private feedback if you sell. But can can list your item as a private listing. The feedback they leave will show but no item number or description. I know alot of people who do this to protect buyers identity.
    If you really want to see what they have sold go to and key the sellers name into sellers sold history!