Sellers that don't provide ...


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Jan 29, 2006
the tracking info. What are your thoughts?
My SIL is teaching me how to sell on eBay and I just sold a few things in the last month or so. After I mail the package I alwasy email the buyer and tell them that the package has been sent and the tracking # is such and such.
However, when I buy items on eBay, I noticed that many sellers don't provide this information unless you ask for it and even if you do, sometimes they just tell you that they will check the status of shipment and will get back to you with information on where the package is and don't actually give you the tracking # so you can track it yourself. I am just wondering WHY wouldn't they just want to give you the tracking and save themselves some time?:shrugs:
I have clearly stated on my ebay listings that I ship USPS Priority and I ship on Wednesdays - I only provide tracking #'s if there is insurance, signature confirmation, etc. because regular USPS Priority Mail does not have a tracking #. But I also make sure that anyone who asks me any shipping questions, I get back to right away. In the US - they get their items 2-3 days after I ship.

I don't know if this helps or not, but that is the reason I don't e-mail tracking# for every transaction I do.
I provide a DELIVERY CONFIRMATION number for all of my buyers - it's not tracking per se; it's just a number that confirms delivery, which tons of people mistake for tracking. Sometimes the number doesn't get scanned until it's actually delivered, which is really USPS's only responsibility regrading the #. So in general, the DC# is (for the most part) useless to the BUYER because the package can't really be tracked anyway.

If there's a problem with delivery, then the DC# is helpful - it can show it was dropped off at the post office, or it's being returned to the sender for an incorrect address, etc.

Anyway, the DC# is automatically sent to the buyer when I create a label through Paypal shipping. Some sellers don't use Paypal shipping, so that particular email isn't sent. And some sellers just don't use DC...
I used to not provide tracking on orders that ship via first class and priority, but i had some dishonest buyers who manipulated the system into getting their money back with paypal. For example, a bride who purchased custom tags 2 weeks before her event and refused to upgrade her S&H went through paypal and reported it as non-reciept because it didnt get there in time. Now i provide tracking numbers so those bridezillas cant get away with it.
I think it's great customer serive of you to e-mail them the info Irene, but I'd guess 98% of Sellers don't take the time to do that.
I don't sell high dollar items, but I don't do it, but I'd love my Seller to do it when I'm a Buyer!

The reason most don't do it is because almost always, teh package arrives in a timely manner, so e-mailing everyone when you ship w/ the info takes extra time for you when there's only a small percent chance they'll even need the info.

But like I said, I wish all Seller's did it, even though I usually don't!:shame::lol:
I sell and buy on eBay and at this point in the game I ALWAYS use delivery confirmation with priority mail. Otherwise it's not just worth the risk having a buyer claim that they never received the item. I have purchased from sellers who don't use it and in my opinion they are taking a large risk.
In my opinion, it is worth the extra few dollars to ask the seller specifically to send the item UPS and send you the tracking number as soon as it is shipped.
i ship everything with pp shipping and they send an email so i rely on that. if someone asks me specifically i will cut and paste it. everything i ship goes usps priority with dc. most things are insured.

i shipped something last night- brought it to the po at 7:30. my buyer had it at 7 am this morning! she said it was magic. LOL
i am just really frustrated when USPS doesn't provide tracking for UK at all! especially when I am a seller. No matter what services you choose (at least that was what I told by a USPS guy) ... though I purchased insurance from DSI just to make sure, it's still a hassle when both the seller and buyer couldn't track the package, or even know whether the package gets delivered at all!
Here's what I do:

I always send a note thanking the buyer for their purchase when the auction ends.

I always mention in the note that I ship USPS priority mail with full insurance and delivery confirmation.

I always tell the buyer that i will email them the delivery confirmation as soon as the bag is mailed. (and I actually do this!)

I set up the tracking to email me when the package is delivered.

I always email the buyer once the tracking shows delivery to confirm the package was actually received.

I wish all sellers did this, unfortunately, as Irene has mentioned, it's rare :sad:
If I ship UPS, which I do with all items over a certain amount, I provide a tracking number because it's actually useful. if i ship USPS, I notice that the numbers don't really provide any information and so I don't send them. I have them if there's an issue, but it's never come up. I do send a note saying when the item is shipping and thanking the buiyer and I always ship the next day, unless there's a lot of rain and I don't want the package getting wet or there's some other reason why I'm waiting, e.g. for an echeck to clear. I do notice that there are many sellers who don't tell you a thing.
When I ship things, I always include signature confirmation and insurance. It's better to pay the extra money imo. The one time I did delivery confirmation, the person claimed they didn't recieve it because the mail man just left the package. With sig confim, its proof they physically got the items. I try to send the tracking info on everything I sell.
i always send the tracking number if there is one unless it's a uk special delivery because it'll arrive the next day anyway, but if i have a lot of time on my hands i'll send it anyway. for international packages i always always send it, so that the buyer can check if there's been an attempted delivery. but sometimes they don't get the hint and ask me where the package is when they have the tracking number AND i've given them the link to the website to check it from :cursing:

i really hate it when i don't get the tracking number, i had my balenciaga city sent back to the US because parcelforce tried to deliver to the wrong address :mad: if i'd had the tracking number i'd no doubt have been checking every day and would've caught it in time.