Sellers selling multiple sizes?


May 4, 2010
Chicago, IL
If a high volume seller (almost 2000 feedback) sells multiple clothing at different sizes ex "Chose from S,M,L" and have other similar auctions going on...are they fake? This seller has really good feedback selling other high end items in different sizes and no one has said they were fake. Should I trust this seller?
Oct 29, 2006
Los Angeles
That should be fine, because they're probably a clothing reseller that gets their stuff from department store/designer boutique closeouts. The only con is that you can't see pictures of the exact thing you're buying, but if the items are NWT then you should be fine.


Labrador Lover
Oct 4, 2006
eBay has restricted listing multiple items in multiple listings. Thus sellers are restricted to Choice Sales.

If it is a designer item, get it authenticated first.


Oct 19, 2010
It depends. I sell clothing on Ebay and list items in multiple sizes. All my items are from dept stores/showrooms/sample sales. All tags attached. and I put "guaranteed authentic" in every listing. Rarely i get asked to send pics of authentication tags (DVF dresses have these) and I always do. But I think most buyers see that i sold 1000+ DVF and my feedback is + and they just trust that. i do see some wholesale sellers clearly selling fake DVFs and people keep buying. I know they are fake because the prices are ridiculously low, they have colors that were never even produced and tags are always removed. But they still have mostly positive feedback. once in a while they get a negative. i guess most buyers either dont know they got a Fake or dont care since they got it cheap. My advice: if You are not sure ask for additional pictures
Oct 11, 2010
It depends, and you can read the feedback details one by one, some may leave good feedback, but write their honest review on the feedback.