sellers removing auctions on the bay...


Mar 24, 2006
Is it just me or is this odd? First I was going to buy a tribeca bag after I got a shipping quote from the seller, and the seller removed the auction the next day. His/her reply to my asking why what happened was: "we are currently working out some issues with Coach. I guess they don't like to see someone selling their bags so cheap." (? Not sure what THAT means, but okay...)
Then I went to buy a Julia bag today that was re-listed at a lower price, and when I went to bid on it, I saw that the listing had already been removed. I was surprised because the seller tried to negotiate a BIN and told me that 9 people were watching it. So I went to bid on the larger version instead - I had seen that listing earlier today, and that one has ALSO been removed already. Why are all these sellers removing auctions? Is it just my bad luck or have you noticed this happening?