Seller's Remorse?

  1. I am actually quite shocked that since my acquisition of bags that I have gotten rid of one already (Damier Azur Speedy 30) and now am contemplating selling my Mono Manhattan GM. Does anyone else ever feel sort of guilty for selling their bags after trying to acquire a lot?

    It's just that I realized with the Manhattan I had to have it since that mono is so nice and the hardware is gorgeous. And of course the interior is really nice too. But it's just so heavy! And my DH said to me that I really do not ever use it. I may have carried it twice and definitely not long enough to get a patina. I really wanted that bag but now I realize I'd be much happier with something I would actually use.

    Any other people out there that feel seller's remorse? It's kind of like I'm getting rid of a child, in a twisted sort of way, lol.
  2. I can't answer your question since I never sell my bags. Hopefully, someone can answer your question.
  3. Don't feel bad.....sometimes you can fall out of love with a bag, and the feeling's not there anymore....This happened a few times with me, and I ended up selling them. Later I regretted it because LV dc'd the bag!!!
    I personally think you should get rid of whatever isn't used, and have fun getting something you absolutely LVOE!!! No guilt....ALL good!!!
  4. Lol this is why I don't sell my bags.
  5. There are a few bags that I think about occasionally.... but I too just sold my manhattan gm for the SAME reason! I never used it, so I sold it and use the $$ to help pay the cc bill for the mirage!

    I do miss my brown cb papillon, and I am starting to like the azur with a patina, I sold mine when the leather was still really light!

    I say sell it and get something that you will use! I am NOT buying anymore IMPRACTICAL bags!!!
  6. don't feel bad...i sold one of my bags because i just never used it...oh and i got $50 less than what i paid for so i was happy, i practically got all my money back
  7. yep, I feel like this all the time! I go through periods where I buy anything and everything I can, then realize I don't want it, and then sell it all! And then I do it again! It's such a stupid process! and a waste of
  8. ^^^I believe it is called "collecting".....:yes:
  9. It's all up to you, y'know. There are no Buying/Selling police out there. As long as you conduct your transactions with honesty and good ethics, who the heck cares? Buy what you want -- keep what you want to for as long as you want to -- and sell it when you are no longer interested in keeping it.

    P.S. I think what you have is BUYER's REMORSE (regretting your purchases.) SELLER's REMORSE would be regretting having sold your LV's.;)
  10. I've sold 2 bags that I've used once or twice and I still regret it. It'll be a looooong desperate time before I sell another one.
  11. I do sell bag, but not really LV. I sold my 1st MC porte tresor and got a new porte tresor. But that was it. Sell it if you want and get the Manhattan. I'm serious.

    That one is gorgeous.
  12. No. She was right, she has SELLERS REMORSE. That's what the whole thread is about.
  13. awww, dont feel bad! just wait for the newest cutest thing (although you may have to wait until fall next year, considering this springs choices)
  14. yes..I do it all the time. And the worse buy a bag, sell it and then re buy....I'm guilty of doing this quite alot.:shame:
  15. Yes I know the I would probably let go of my child first!!! (But I don't have children!)