Sellers remorse?

  1. Hi All,

    So I put one of my bags up for sale and i'm pretty sure it is going to sell, and I think I am having sellers remorse.......I just took a photo of all 3 of my bags and they all look so good together:love: . I'm wondering if i am doing the right thing. It is just that i never use this one bag at all, it is just pretty to look at. Also I just got a gray edith bag.
    For all of you who sold yours, do you ever regret it after?

    I'm hoping I can get the 03 lilac that is on sale now, maybe that would make me feel better. :amuse:

  2. what bag did you sell?

    I fell the same way w/ my other bags, I sold my turquoise 04 city and now I miss it sooo much:cry:
  3. I fell the same I sold my turquoise 05 first and now I miss it :worried:
    But i hope to find another one to love as much as my turquoise...
  4. You're not really using the bag so I think it's better if you sell it and get something you can use more often. Don't feel bad, I'm sure you'd find something else you'll love. :biggrin:
  5. ^^^ I agree, better to sell it if you don't use it - you'll feel better when you find another bag to love AND use!
  6. Thanks all. I'm thinking with the money I can get another Bbag or go to Vegas :P
    I still want a megenta or eggplant something. oh and a work/office bag too.
  7. I'm with pursegalsf on this one ... an "unused" handbag is money in the bank to me (yeah right ... more like money for another handbag; half the time it doesn't even make it into the bank!).

    The only time I've had seller's remorse is with selling jewelry -
    • Cartier "Love" Bracelet (18k Yellow Gold) - however, since I had broken the engagement, didn't want a constant reminder of the dumb-a@@!
    • Tiffany & Co. - Paloma Picasso 18kYG LARGE-size Link Bracelet (uggh ... still makes me sick). I sold it because I hadn't worn it for a bit and a friend of mine always coveted it (so much so that I actually made a profit on it because it was so rare).
    • Tiffany & Co. - Elsa Peretti 18kYG Large-size Heart Earrings (I'm still black & blue from kicking myself on this one!)
    ... well, I should stop there; feel an upset stomach (and headache) coming on!!
  8. I sold a purse this week and I had a REALLY hard time letting go of it, even though I have not carried it since January. My son sort of made me feel worse by reminding me that it was my "first" big purchase, and the bag that started my obsession, but I had already done the I let it go. And now I feel a LITTLE better. But I asked the buyer to give me first option to buy back if she doesn't like it or decides to part with it sometime in the future. We get attached to these things! It's crazy!
  9. I actually only had sellers remorse 1 time, when I was going to sell my apple first so I took it off the market. But I got an apple city, so this time Im having no problems selling it. Maybe you could try that.
  10. I do plan on getting something else. i'm on the hunt for an old leather bag.
    Hmm maybe apple, does the color go with everything?
  11. Its kind of funny you ask because, it isnt a color that I would ever really have considered, until I thought a green bag would be cool, then I came across Cristinas and fell in total love :love: with it. I wear it with any and everything. And get sooo many compliments. It is actually my favorite Bbag color now. And as Im sure you know there are a TON:biggrin: I say you should try this color out, you may really love it too!
  12. hmmm sounds tempting. I know i'll be behind a few other PFers but please let me know when you plan to sell. :biggrin: All I ever wear is black and gray and blues, so I guess it would go and I think it would look good on me since i have dark hair.
    Thank you:idea:
  13. I too am of the opinion if you are not using the bag you should give it a new home and find a bag you'll get more use out of. Every great bag deserves to be worn.:amuse:
  14. My feelings exactly! I sold several b-bags this season...just kept my black remorse as I am quite attracted to several of the F/W 06 colors... I keep thinking about that strange toile for some reason...
  15. dont worry about selling it. you will always find something else you want even more and now you have some spare cash to spend on it!