Seller's Remorse?

  1. I won a nice bag on Sunday night, paid immediately via Paypal with Amex. It is now Wednesday and not a word from the seller. She 274 ratings and 99.3% and the 2 negs are very old, like 3 plus years. I sent 3 emails asking for a sign of life and no answers. Do you think something might be wrong? Seller answered questions promply up until Saturday. I'll give it till Sunday and file a claim. ANy thoughts?
    EDA: I got a great price on the bag, maybe a lot lower than she anticipated???
  2. I think you should wait longer.
    It hasn't been even three days yet.

    Sometimes I never hear from the seller and my package just shows up - usually within a week.

    Personally, I always acknowledge my buyers w/ a confirmation of receipt of payment, a thank you, and a ship date w/ tracking info.

    Not all sellers do this though!
  3. Honestly, I don't think I would worry about it yet. Maybe she has been really busy the last few days or out of town or something.
  4. Yep, give her until Friday.
    I will tell you that if a seller doesn't give me any response but just sends my bag, I will never buy from them again.
  5. Some sellers don't realize that buyers like to here something from them... but with that much feedback, you'd think they'd know better. Maybe they are out of town...
  6. If it's a high volume seller, I have found their communications are not great.
  7. I agree with lulilu, most sellers that do a lot of transactions are very poor with their communications skills especially after the item(s) have been paid for.
  8. No word yet. I just sent another email asking if everything was okay? Something must be up b/c her feedback says 'fast shipping', 'great response to email', etc. I'm really bummed b/c it was nice bag for a great price. :cry:
    I will wait until the mail arrives on Monday and if nothing arrives I will file a claim with Paypal.
  9. I am thinking she may be on vacation perhaps and forgot to mention it in her listing...???

    I'd give her til Sunday or even Monday... I would think she would be back by then if on vacation and will answer...

  10. I find that so nice bec I just hate when sellers don't even reply to your emails..... happened too often. I always tell buyers the tracking numbers and where they can check if they are from out of the country. it is just common courtesy IMO. but I guess if you have a shop etc...

    anyways, I would wait with filing - you never know, I had a seller who had been away, and even though they should have disclosed that, this can happen.
  11. Keep us posted!

    PS You can always request contact info and call the seller.

    Also was there anything stated in this seller's feedback that she/he was a poor communicator?

    It would be nice to know if she/he has a history of this.

    Then again, many buyers are reluctant to leave true feedback aren't they??!!
  12. Give it time not all sellers are good with communication!
  13. gro3602: The seller's feedback mentions "good communicator".
    It's Friday and mail carrier has been here, no bag. The seller uses USPS PRiority according to the listing.
    I will try and get a phone number from eBay and give the seller a call.
  14. I'm not sure how long you have to wait to claim for an item not received, but they may make you wait longer than a week. Good luck!
  15. I wouldn't get too concerned just yet. Things happen... people have to travel unexpectedly, or have family or health emergencies... or even just have their internet service go out! Our internet connectivity was switched this past week from adelphia to Time Warner and in the process they knocked thousands and thousands of customers offline for 2-3 days. PITA.