seller's remorse (just have to let this out)

  1. have you guys felt this? i had a sleepless night. it was my first time to sell a bag yesterday. i've decided to sell it since last month, and it was almost sold. but for some reason, it did not push through so i thought about using it again but then i left my bag at my bf's house and it stayed there for about a month. then finally yesterday it was sold. i was so dead set at selling it for quite some time now. but when i got home, i got really sad. there wasn't really anything sentimental about it but it was my first lv that i bought with my own money, and it's LE.

    the reason i decided to sell it wasn't because i didn't like it anymore. i (USED TO) believe that bags are to be used, not collected. since i haven't been using it for a long time and haven't used it that much, i figured i could use the money to buy another lv bag which has the same design that is cheaper, or one that i could use more often. well i didn't buy the cheaper bag and i came up with the money to buy another bag without having to sell it. at that that time it seemed so tempting to sell it so i wouldn't feel a dent in my bank account. i thought i was going to be cool with this but obviously i'm not.

    i really need support...this is going to haunt me for a long time...arrgghhh!!!
  2. ~Aaww...I know what you mean. I have a bag right now in the Monogram Mat that haven't seen the light of day in months:sad:, I would love to list it on eBay as well but I can't seem to let go:push:I feel for you ((lotsa hugs))~
  3. I know how you feel. I just had to sell 2 LV totes...I have a back problem and whenever I use them I am in horrible pain later. I was particuary bummed when I sold my saleya mm...I was so happy when I bought this. I was teary eyed when I shipped her off. I went to the LV boutique in Chicago though and bought a new bag...something I can and will use and I am happy as a clam. Take a look around and maybe you will find something new and exciting too!
  4. I'm going to Asia next week for this same reason, so I feel ya!

    You can look at it this way... now can love all your other bags more!
    Or you can buy another purse to love.

    Maybe I'm just practical, but any bags that doesn't get any face time or sun light, should be given to another home that will love them just as much or more.
  5. done it before..and then ask yourself..why did I do that???

    I have a couple in my closet that I have never used..and keep thinking I should sell someone who will use them..and then I think..NO..I may never get a chance to buy them again if I decide I want'm holding off for awhile unless I see something I just cannot live without and need the funds to purchase.
  6. I'm going through that now. I'm selling a bag that I don't really want to sell, but I haven't used and could use the funds for something else I want. =(
  7. Well, for us here on tpf, bags are more than just items, they have sentinmental value to us, they have a history (at least for me), so I totally understand !! Maybe you can buy something you have been eyeing to get your mind off the one you sold.......??
  8. thanks everyone. i really appreciate reading your posts and thanks for understanding. i'm really regretting it big time. but i've learned a lot from this. this will never happen again! i'll try to hold on to my babies for as long as i could. at first i thought there wasn't much sentimental value attached to that bag, but now looking back, there were so many!

    out of desperation, i messaged the buyer of my bag and informed her that i changed my mind and want to get my bag back. to my surprise, she said that she already sold it to another girl. i was shocked to hear this when she specifically told me that she was going to use it personally. before i messaged her, i was preparing myself to numerous scenarios on what will happen, like, maybe she'll agree to return my bag but at an additional cost (which i would probably have agreed to), or i'll tell her to keep the bag for a while and then return her money. what a way to learn my lesson, huh. so there's probably no way that i'll get it back. i have another bag coming my way but this incident took all my excitement away.
  9. I still wish I hadn't sold my very first LV...25 speedy.
  10. I'm so sorry Koala, I know how it is too....I sold one of my Denim LV bags because I just NEVER used it at all...and I've regretted it. Especially when the eBay transaction went so smoothly and wonderfully and this person never left me feedback, which seems to be a common occurance with him from seeing his rating scroes and talking to people...NOT cool at all...and I'm sure it was resold too...grr, ANYWAYS, enough about that... I understand where you are coming from as well basically :yes: But look at it this way...maybe now you can get a new love or maybe find the bag you had somewhere else and re-get it? Do you mind if I ask what kinda LE bag it was, i'm just curious, hehe? :heart:
  11. aww, I'm so sorry! I convince myself into selling my bags over and over again for no reason, and I don't know why! I guess I don't like to see them sit there. But for me, I usually list them over and over and then cancel them at the last second! It's sooooooooooo stupid!
  12. I still regret to this day that I sold my Damier speedy 30.
  13. Oh no! Im so sorry about your first bag is a mono papillon 26 and I havent used it since I bought my speedies ...and Im pretty sure I want to sell it but after reading this I think ill hold on! Hopefully your new bag will take your mind of this one! Good luck!
  14. I totally understand how you feel - I just sold my perfect damier alma because I never used it - I was so sad boxing her up and sending her off, but I do feel better knowing the new owner will use her much more, plus, I have $ to put towards something I will really use.
  15. I hope those feelings go away soon...maybe a new bag will lift your spirits :yahoo: