Seller's remorse is the worst!!

  1. Hi there,
    At the risk of you all thinking I am crazy, I wanted to share my tan paddy story. So as many of you may have seen, I have the grenat hobo, ivory paddy, and (had) a tan paddy. I kept flipping back and forth on the tan bag and decided to sell it. No sooner was it sold that I had horrible seller's remorse and didn't want to let it go. Thankfully the story ends well because I saw that a wonderful pfer had her bag on eBay and I was able to buy back another tan paddy! Although the first one I had was prisitine and like new and this one has been lovingly used, I actually prefer this one. It is so smooshy and has all those divine wrinkles! My first one was too smooth. So all ends well thanks to our Rockstar!!:love:
  2. hehe glad to know your story ended well macp! enjoy your new paddy!! ;)
  3. Too funny MacP6!! :roflmfao:

    I was wondering what was going on with all that.

    I am so glad you ended up with a lovely bag. :love: :flowers:

    I was toying with selling mousse to pay off some credit cards, but I just can't bear to
    part with her. She isn't getting a lot of action right now, but I feel better just having
    her nearby!! LOL :P
  4. I totally know where you are coming from. It DOES lesson the pain a bit when you know it goes to a loving home though...
  5. Hmwe--learn from me and hand on to that mouse!! I am now on the hunt for a gris (or still looking for my anthracite)!

    It does definitely help when a bag goes to another lovey Pfers home!
  6. Aww, glad it all worked out for ya! :heart:
  7. Yeah, seller's remorse does suck. I am always afraid it would happen so I typically hang onto bags way longer than I probably ever should. It helps to sell to PF'ers though, imo. Because no matter what, you know that they went to a home where they will be loved. :smile:
  8. I'm glad it all worked on in the end macp6! :heart: Lately I've been toying with the idea of selling my Balenciaga Grenat City... but am afraid something similar would happen to me. :s However, I totally agree with lordguinny and BalenciagaLove, I would feel much better knowing they are going to a home where they will be loved and appreciated! :yes:
    And Hmwe you can't sell your mousse, she's too gorgeous!!!! :drool:
  9. OOps hmwe--meant to say hang on to that mousse!! Don't lay a hand on a mouse!! Started the cocktails a bit too early tonight!
  10. Our stories are almost exactly the same. Just a couple of weeks ago I sold my blanc paddy. Although I dont miss the color at all (too light) I miss the style terribly! So today I found my ever-so-wanted cholcoate paddy and now shes all mine. The leather is absolutely perfect and the price was unbeatable. So you are right all is well that ends well.
  11. ^^So glad you found your dream paddy! :smile:
  12. I think everything happens for a reason : ). And timing is everything. In this case, it was perfect timing.... just as u had remorse, another one popped up! And it's even better when u prefer this one vs. first one u had. I'm glad it's a happy ending. I haven't experienced seller's remorse, but I or shall I say my credit card has definitely experienced buyer's remorse....LOL
  13. ^ ROFL!! :roflmfao:
  14. So glad it all worked out!!! And for you too Kimmie!!!
  15. I knew when I was selling it I was going to miss it, but thought "nah, Ive never missed any other of my bags". WRONG! Its the only one I have ever missed, ever. Not missing that light color though:shame: Have to be very gentle with blanc. Hard to do with 3 kiddos!:Push:
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