Seller's remorse. I made a mistake!

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm inconsolable at the moment. I listed my phantom on eBay in a moment of madness as I have a baby now and I was concerned it wasn't practical enough and I wouldn't use it. The weather wasn't great so I was still wearing my winter dark clothes and black bags. Anyway, the listing ended and I didn't realise it had automatically relisted. It was on a 30 day buy-it-now listing. The weather warmed up a bit and I started using the bag again with my more summery clothes and I fell in love all over again. People were complimenting it wherever I went and I actually found it practical for shoving stuff in it, even baby stuff, and the colour was good for summer as all my other bags are black. Anyway, long story short, someone has just bought the bag and paid immediately. I am so upset about it. I have to post the bag to them today. I even called up the boutique to see if they had the bag for me to repurchase but they only have the beige croc or black or red. Should I keep the money aside and wait a few months till another colour I like comes up and rebuy the phantom? I would feel too bad refunding the money to the buyer and explaining the situation as it wouldn't be fair to the buyer and she would most probably leave negative feedback. Has anyone else ever had seller's remorse so quickly?!
  2. Oh no!!! Maybe you can contact the buyer before you post it and explain the mistake?? Is your bag beige? Because that is seriously the prettiest color in the Phantom! I missed out on it at the store and I have been looking for one ever since! I couldn't give it up.
  3. I wouldn't ship it. I would kindly explain to the buyer what happened and send a refund. There's a good chance the buyer will be kind and not leave you negative feedback. Finding this bag again in the exact color you want won't be easy.
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  4. The colour is taupe. Is that the same as beige? In some lights it looks almost greyish and in some a brownish beige. Is beige just a straight beige?
  5. I don't think she would take it well. I was selling another bag at the same time and she asked me a question about it and I answered it thinking it was about the other bag as I didn't look properly! So she might not be sympathetic to my error as it would seem that I was aware the bag was still for sale. She has already emailed me today to check I will be posting it today. The boutique has black but I have a lot of black bags and I think beige or grey are the only colours I would go for, maybe khaki as well. But it could be a long time before these colours became available.
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  6. Not sure exactly, but it sounds like the color I love. Honestly, if you love it again and will use it, I would write the seller. I understand that you don't want to disappoint her. I take my eBay sales seriously too. But it was an honest mistake and you may not find this color again or for a long while. I guess you have to decide if the negative feedback is worth it. Also, did you get a good price?? That would be my other deciding factor.
  7. And what I mean by that is, if your bag sold for a third of retail and you plan to go buy another bag at retail, that would be hard to swallow.
  8. Oh no just keep it
    Explain it to the buyer ... You can always try :smile:
  9. It sold for what I paid for it but with all the fees I lost around £250.
  10. I really sympathise, it's a very unfortunate situation and you seem to be very fair about it. I would message the buyer and try to explain your mistake. Personally I would take the financial hit but not the risk of never being able to repurchase it. Perhaps you could offer a small sum of compensation to the buyer to smooth things over if you don't want negative feedback?
  11. I don't think I would be that mad if a seller decided they didn't wanna sell it anymore... Esp if it was near full price. But i would want to know ASAP otherwise it just sounds shady.
  12. What ever happened with this situation?
  13. Where do you live? If you live in the states, call Bergdorf Goodman. They have the largest selection of Celine (more than the boutique) and my SA is amazing. She sends me pics all the time and answers all my questions, PLUS they ship for FREE. Also, you'll save the tax if you live outside of NY (I think)... And honestly, they're nicer than the boutique.

    Her name is Diana Chen. Email her or call the store and ask for her.

    Hope this helps!
  14. Negative feedback would be the least of my worries compared to parting with my beloved hard to replace handbag. I would be annoyed as a buyer but if the seller refunds you the money and refuses to send there's not much they can do. Worst case eBay suspends your account?? Let it be.
    Explain to the buyer your situation, nothing to lose and see what happens there.
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  15. Hi ladies, thanks for all your comments. I decided to let the bag go and the buyer was thrilled with it. I had a few regrets for a few days but I think I made the right decision. I have put the money to one side and will hopefully use it to buy an even better bag when one comes along!