Sellers: Postage Scale

  1. Do you use one? If so, what kind would you recommend?
  2. I use two I found at yard sales, but would recommend (if you can do it) an electronic one w/readout-they sell one at the PO, and they are online-if you are going to sell a lot, they are worth it!
  3. you can buy them on eBay for pretty cheap!
  4. I got mine off of eBay a few years back. I think I paid $12.00 for it.
  5. I have the one that the post office sells. Works great!
  6. I bought mine off eBay too. I paid less than $15.
  7. I just got a new one from the USPS website. I figured it had to be pretty accurate. Or at least I hope so!
  8. Those of you that bought off Ebay (which is what I was planning to do) what brand did you get? I want to get something that will work for awhile and isn't cheap quality.
  9. I bought an ultra ship 'ultra-55' on ebay & it works perfectly. I think I paid about $20.
  10. a pitney bowes set up. prints stamps and all. check usps site.
  11. digiweigh brand
  12. The one I got off of eBay is a DigiWeigh XP Series. I've had it maybe two years and it works perfectly.
  13. Thanks! I'm gonna check those brands out!
  14. i have the uktraship ro whatever from old will something on ebay. fast shipping and they're pretty nice. had one for about a year and it stopped working so i just got another, i could have sent it back and they would have sent me a new one but i couldn't be bothered so i just bought another.