Seller's permit / whole sale question

  1. Hi pfers!

    I have a Q on obtaining a seller's permit.

    Is there anything I should know about that?

    I found a wholesaler and I want to buy stuff from them but they said I need to have a seller's permit first then they will be able to sell to me.

    Please enlighten me with anything you know?

    I found the state website to where I can apply for the license already...

  2. Are you starting a business? Wholesalers will request a Seller's permit as proof that you are a business.
  3. Yes. I want to buy & resell on eBay. Is that even acceptable?
  4. That depends on the business. Some businesses won't sell wholesale to an eBay business.
  5. Hmm..darn. Both of my parents each have their own businesses...perhaps I can use one of their permits? :confused1:
  6. I see you are in Calif. This means you must contact the State Board of Equalization to get a reseller's license.

    Calif business licenses are complicated. Be certain you have met all state, county, and city licensing requirements before you even telephone the State Bd of Equalization. They are very nasty.

    If this all sounds alien to you, get free good advice from a govt agency. Visit the website to find a free office near you.

    Good luck!
  7. I would recommend that you find out what the wholesale agreement is with the business you want to buy from. It should state all that information along with their mininums for a first purchase and reorders. I've looked at some businesses to purchase wholesale and they have too high of mininums for me to buy from them. Make sure you really want to buy from them before getting a seller's permit.

    I wouldn't recommend using your parents seller's permits. Business often check out the information to make sure its legit.

    Good luck!
  8. Thank you so much for your help! I will look further into this and hopefully it works out!
  9. I just want to say on this, be sure to keep up with your sales tax. Even if you don't have to pay anything in, like if you only sell out of state. I had a reseller's permit and never sold in my state, so I never sent anything in (like a dumba$$) and then at the end of the year, I got a bill for the "estimated tax" of 800 and some odd dollars. I got it straightened out and didn't have to pay, but it was a pain in the rear.

    Good luck with your venture!!